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Which Software Course Is Best To Get Job

Many people say that there are not so many jobs in software industries now-a-days. This article will tell you about the software courses to get a job.

Graduate engineers’ job search starts when they enroll for their engineering degree. Every fresh graduate attempts to grab great openings in blue chip corporations. Now-a-days job opportunities are aplenty and many lucrative openings are available for freshers as well. Thus the students must decide about the software course that gives them the best leverage to take up a good job.

Information Technology & India

IT is one of the leading job sectors in India. IT industry has rapidly increased in the last two decades and the people with right skills are in high demand. IT sector has created a distinctive craze amongst youngsters as one can develop technological proficiency that can advance their career prospects and earning potential.

Majority of the present day job seekers prefer to be in India as the job scenario in Indian market is much better than what are seen in western countries. There is an excessive demand for skilled software professionals.

Many top software companies in India like Tech Mahindra Satyam, Wipro, Cognizant, HCL technologies, Kanbay and Geometric are recruiting many aspirants who are professionals in java and dot net. Leading job portals have reported that 30 to 40 percent of the telecom and IT related jobs are posted on the sites.

Academic Scenario

In India, IT engineering courses have gained popularity in the last one and half decades. Outsourcing of IT jobs from the US, UK and other European countries propelled the Indian education system to design exclusive curriculum in software engineering.

Which Software Course Is Best To Get Job

Software Courses & Job Prospects

Software engineering deals with many facets of IT. It plays major role in the improvement and maintenance of consistent and effective software systems which can give robust support to any type of business or operation. A software engineer uses these ideologies and procedures for achieving software requirements and performs design, maintenance and testing. There are many courses like Diploma in Software Engineering, Bachelor and Master’s degrees in software technology. Post Graduate Diploma in software and network technology can be pursued

Computer Science and Software Engineering require strong foundation in fundamentals of programming languages like C, C++, Java, Oracle, .NET and other allied subjects. There are also advanced courses such as Systems Networking, Database and Artificial Intelligence etc.

With the advent of graphic & 3D technology, courses in 2D & 3D graphics were added in the engineering curriculum either as regular courses or specialization.

Specializations & Certifications

The software companies generally look forward for those who possess adequate knowledge in problem modeling and analysis, software design, software verification and validation, software quality and software management.

There are many training institutes offering these courses with certification. These certifications are like specialization and help the job seekers during the recruitments. These certification programs are targeted to prove the employee’s commitment for continuing their education and also making them more valuable to the company. The software companies do not check for the completed courses as it is only an added benefit, but they mostly give the preference to the candidates having the certifications in specialized subjects.

Job experts say that it is always better for the candidates to take up courses like MCTS which includes CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) and ORACLE (database).

Latest Trends In Course Offerings

Now-a-days many institutions are offering online software engineering programs. Students can communicate with the instructors via web cameras, video teleconference, satellite, VOIP mail, podcasts and many other forms of information propagation. All assignments and testing can be completed online by students.

However cheating occurs in these online programs, for that purpose hybrid online programs were created. In these hybrid online programs everything goes online except the tests. Tests will be conducted outside the home. However students must inquire about the determination of the type of the program.


There is no doubt that the courses that are in offing now are having enough demand in the job market. By harnessing their specializations, students can fare better in the competition.

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