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Russia Slows down Twitter, Threatens to Block it – Top Trending News

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Russia Slows down Twitter, Threatens to Block it

Russia has given a dire threat to Twitter that it may have to face blockade in the communist country if it fails to delete the content that Kremlin deems as controversial. Moscow claims that the controversial content tries to instigate anti-government feelings among Russia’s young kids. As part of the retaliation, Russian government has already reduced Twitter’s download speed in the country.


Facebook Launches Instagram lite app on Android  

To spur growth in the developing markets, Facebook has launched Instagram lite app for Android phones in several countries. According to reports, the social media giant has rolled out this light weighted app that consumes less data in as many as 170 countries. Most of these economies come under the category of developing countries, which supposedly contribute immensely to Facebook’s overall annual revenue. Instagram lite fulfills all the basic functions including editing, viewing and sharing photos/videos.


TikTok rolls out new feature to Prevent Bullying           

TikTok has announced that it will be rolling out a new commenting feature that will give more control to creators on which comments to allow or not allow on their content. This new feature, according to TikTok, will help in controlling the widespread problem of bullying on the platform. As per the reports, this new TikTok feature will be available in almost all the markets that TikTok is currently serving.


Apple aims to make German capital Munich its European Silicon Design Center

Apple has announced that it has some big plans investment plans in Germany including the ambitious plan to build a state-of-the-art design center near the Munich city. Additionally, the tech giant has the plan to make a $1 Bn euro investment in Germany over the next three years.


Apple Podcast will drop the word “subscribe” in IOS 14.5

Apple Podcast will stop using the word “subscribe” as soon as IOS 14.5 update hits the market. Now instead of ‘subscribe,’ Apple will use the word ‘follow’ to attract new customers. Apple has cited that the word ‘subscribe’ was often misconceived by people, who mistook the word for ‘buying.’

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