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Google Podcasts may soon be available on IOS devices – Top Trending Stories

Here are the top 5 trending and happening news from the world of technology



All new re-designed Google Podcasts may soon be available on IOS devices

Although it is bit late, Google may have finally started taking its podcast app a bit seriously. The tech giant is reportedly rolling out new features for its podcast app over the coming weekend. But the more interesting news is that Google’s all new re-designed podcast app may soon likely to be available on IOS devices as well, according to Engadget. This obviously means that US customers may likely to get to use Google podcasts on all Apple devices including iPhones and iPads.


Huawei P40 slated to launch tomorrow…but without Google apps & services

Image Source: The Verge 

Considering that today most smartphones are operated by android and the pervasive spread of Google apps, it is bit weird to use a high end smartphone without availing their services. The same weird feeling may strike you if you’re planning to use Huawei P40 series, which is slated for an official launch tomorrow. The launch event will be strictly an online event in the wake of coronavirus concerns. The absence of Google apps & services on Huawei P40 isn’t really surprising, given that since last couple of years Chinese smartphone makers has been on US government’s blacklist due to security concerns.


Apple may delay launch of iPhone 5G due to coronavirus concerns


Remember only last week Apple had launched new products amid Covid 19 pandemic. But Apple apparently doesn’t want to take the same risk with the launch of its next big iPhone product, the 5G iPhone 12. According to reports, the company is seriously planning to push the launch by at least one month due to the concerns of weak consumer demand in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. The 5G iPhone 12 is officially scheduled for launch in September.


SpaceX to now start manufacturing sanitizers and face shields

Image Source: Flickr

SapceX is making its own sanitizers and face shields as part of the global fight against Covid 19, according to CNBC. The company will be distributing and donating these sanitizers and face shields to local hospitals and business, as per the memo dispatched to employees, which was accessed by CBNC and The Verge. The face shield will be designed and built by the same engineering team that builds space suit and crew equipment of SpaceX.


Social media may be spreading misinformation on coronavirus

Coronavirus Disease 2019 Rotator Graphic for (U.S. Air Force Graphic by Rosario “Charo” Gutierrez)

Not least surprising that the latest PEW research in the US has found that social media is more prone to spreading misinformation than the traditional media. The research finding claims that 57% respondents found fake information on coronavirus on popular social media platforms while percentage of people finding fake information on traditional media platforms like print & electronic media was only 37%.



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