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How To Recover Deleted Photos From Samsung Galaxy S3

If you have deleted photo by mistake or willingly and you want it back in Samsung Galaxy S3  then here are the quick steps to recover deleted photos in Samsung Galaxy S3.

We have all been there. Deleted a photo – sometimes by mistake and sometimes willingly, only to realize later that the photo should not have been deleted. If you are a Samsung Galaxy S3 user then this article will tell you how to go about recovering those deleted photos.
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The first step to recovering photos from your Samsung galaxy S3 is to put an immediate stop to storing new data. The reason behind this is simple. Your phone or card does not have infinite space. Sooner or later the place where your photo is stored will be required by the OS for storing something else. And when that happens, your photo will be simply overwritten. Hence to avoid your picture being overwritten it is best not to store any new thing.

The next step would be to download an appropriate photo recovery software for Samsung galaxy S3 to your PC. Versions for Windows and Mac are available.

By default the pictures taken by a camera are stored on a MicroSD card on the Samsung Galaxy S3. If your pictures are stored on a MicroSD card then remove the card from the phone and put it into the drive of your PC. You will have to use the SD card adapter for this. Alternatively you can use a USB MicroSD card reader. If none of this suits your PC then connect your phone directly to the PC with a USB cable.

The next step in recovering the photos from your S3 is scanning the deleted photos using the phot recovery software. Before you do that however, you need to make sure that your phone is in the debugging mode. For that just go to settings then to applications and then development; there just enable the debugging mode. Also on the notification bar change the USB mode as mass storage. Now select the drive that is to be scanned and start scanning.

Once scanning is over the pictures and videos are scanned they will be displayed and you can select which one is to be recovered.

If you have lost the photos on the internal memory then the procedure is the same. Of course in this instance the phone has to be connected to the PC.

Sometimes if you phone gets locked and there is no way to open the lock, factory reset becomes inevitable. In such cases there is no opportunity to actually take a backup of your pictures and videos. And all your pictures and videos are lost or so it seems. But, there is no need to panic even if you have lost your photos to factory reset it can be recovered using photo recovery software tools like Jihosoft Android Phone recovery can do that for you. Again the steps for recovery are same like above.

It is of course good to have the option to recover photos from your Samsung Galaxy S3. But you can avoid the tension of going through a recovery by regularly backing up your media files. There are so many options available to do that and is not difficult at all. All you have to do is set it up once and they will be backed up automatically. But inspite of regular backup you do end up deleting a photo then it is always good to know that photo recovery is possible from a Samsung Galaxy S3.

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