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Reasons to Root Android Phone

In this article we will tell you the reasons to root Android phone. Here’s the complete discussion about it:

If you are a proud owner an Android device (phone or tablet) and reading this article, you would be made aware of some of the hidden treasures of your gadget that you could unlock to enjoy more privileges. The unlocking technique is called as ‘rooting’ Android device. Here we discuss about the reasons, benefits and the challenges of rooting the Android.

What is rooting of Android

Android is a mobile ecosystem which contains sub systems that perform various smart functions of the Android device. Generally, the Android manufacturers keep these sub systems away from the users’ access as part of device’s security.

Rooting is the method through which the users can gain access to those protected sub systems and unlock the features that are hidden from the general usage. By rooting an Android phone, users can carry out core modifications by altering the software codes installed by the manufacturer.

Is rooting of Android beneficialReasons to Root Android Phone

Root access enables the users to modify and customize the Android ecosystem in such way that even the unsupported apps or software can be made to run on the phone’s system. By rooting, users can play around the mobile’s features and take maximum advantage of the smart features.

What are the benefits & advantages of rooting a phone

Under the normal circumstances an Android phone works with those features that are highly essential for a general user. But at times, few advanced users or gadget geeks want to make most out of the usual stuff. Rooting is the process adopted by the geeks to pluck more fruits than the allowed quota. Also, there is a multitude of others benefits with the Android rooting and the advantages are unimaginable. Some of them are listed here:

  • Enhanced performance of the phone and battery.
  • Almost all the functions can be automated by installing automation apps that work only when the phone is rooted.
  • Install almost all the apps whether they are compatible with Android or not.
  • Removal of any irrelevant software that has been embedded at the time of manufacturing.
  • Save lots of space and memory of the device. By rooting a phone, users can enjoy free additional space and also connect an external memory card as an extended storage.
  • Some of the paid apps can be installed for free.
  • Product updates can be downloaded without hunting for them.
  • Customize the phone’s ROM as per your choice. This is the freedom that users can gain from rooting the phone.
  • Gain access to the kernel that is responsible for many of phone’s smart functions and tweak it the way you like it to run.
  • Rooting gives the power to disable ads on many applications, apps and software that are used via the Android.
  • Geeks can do many things by getting into every corner of the Android ecosystem and carry out their R&D experiments on every feature.
  • Finally, rooting makes the Android phone to become more powerful which otherwise cannot be expected under normal manufacturing settings.


Manufacturers do not extend guarantee and warranty services when the phones are rooted.

So, take a call cautiously before rooting your Android phone.



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