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Reasons to Buy Xbox 360 Slim

Gaming is so precious for some people that they can’t resist without it. This article will tell you some of the reasons to buy Xbox 360 Slim.

Gaming is an engrossing and entertaining pastime activity that is liked by old and young alike. It offers great recreation and works like a best stress buster. The global gaming business is estimated to be more than $60 billion worth and the estimation of number of gamers all over the world is a daunting task of counting. In the USA alone more than 136 million people play games at least few hours in a month. These numbers are in addition to the online games and players. If we include the online players then the numbers would become mind blowing and hard to believe.

Such woofing numbers confirm the rise in the demand for gaming consoles. The huge craving and craze of gaming has resulted into the raining of various consoles of different features and technologies.

Today markets are flooded with many gaming consoles but amongst all the gaming consoles, Xbox 360 from Microsoft is the most popular one. Till March of 2013 more than 77 million Xbox 360 consoles have been sold all over the world giving touch competition to other popular gaming consoles like PlayStation 3 from Sony, Wii from Ninetendo et al.

Game developers are striving hard to create game themes that could spellbind the players. There are many games that have attained ‘classics’ status and are being played by millions of gamers. Some of the games are having sequels thus creating a genre for themselves.

Why Xbox 360 has garnered wide popularity amongst gamers?

Gaming industry experts ascribe many reasons that intrigue people to buy Xbox 360 and some of them are:

Xbox 360 Slim

Salient points of Xbox 360 Slim

  • Xbox 360 Slim is compact and makes less noise. Microsoft says that the machine’s noise is not more than a ‘whisper’.
  • The aesthetic design of the console is the best in the class and considerably much better than the competition.
  • The look and feel of the console has been greatly improvised from the previous version. The gaming console is slick in designing and has the powerful touch sensitive buttons.
  • Gaming consoles can be heated up quickly and hence cooling becomes one of the critical aspects to be considered. Microsoft has assured that Xbox 360 slim has improved system of cooling.
  • The occurrence of Red Ring of Death (RROD) has been reduced considerably thus enabling long duration of gaming.
  • USB ports have been increased to 5 whereby the users can plug-in additional accessories simultaneously. Previously only 2 USB ports were given. Hence this can be considered as a big step forward by Microsoft to increase the popularity of Xbox 360 Slim.
  •  A new AUX port has been added for Kinect.
  • Another big boost for the craze to have Xbox 360 is its sophisticated wireless technology that has been integrated with the slim version. Now users do not need dongle of wired connection for XBL.
  • Last but not least, Xbox 360 Slim has the energy conservation feature which reduces the power consumption by the console.



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