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How To Put Android In Disk Drive Mode

If you want to connect your android phone to PC and put your android in Disk Drive Mode then learn here how to put android in disk drive mode.

The standard protocol used by flash drives, SD cards, hard drives (external) and other types of USB storage devices is USB mass storage. This was the protocol used by older version android devices for connecting the storage media of the device to the computer. This way the internal storage of the connected device would act like a drive of the computer. Hence it is also known as putting it in disk drive mode.

This is how it worked. When the android device was connected to the computer you would have to press on a button which said ‘Connect storage to PC’ and this protocol would be activated. Similarly to disconnect you would have to press a button which said ‘Turn off USB Storage’.

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To put a android device in disk drive mode you have to follow some steps which differs based on the version of android that you are using.

So if you are using Android version 2.1 to 2.3.7 then this is how you do it. Examples of such devices are Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S & S2, HTC desire, Kindle Fire etc.

  • Turn the USB debugging ON in the android device. To do that, go to Menu then Settings then Applications then Development and then USB debugging.
  • Next connect the android device to the Computer via an USB cable. You will get the USB icon on the status bar of your computer once its connected.
  • Pull down the top status bar in the main screen of your android devices. You will see a notification saying USB connected.
  • Now you will get the message ‘Connect USB Storage’. Touch it and then press OK to activate the connection
  • You will know you are in disk drive mode once the android icon turns orange.

If your android version is 4.0 to 4.1.2 then this is how to put android in disk drive mode. Examples Samsung Galaxy S/S2/S3, Sony Xperia V/T, Kindle Fire HD, HTC Desire X/V/C etc.

  • Go to Settings and then to More.
  • Search for USB Utilities and once you find it select it.
  • You will find USB Mass storage and a button with ‘Connect Storage to PC’.
  • Connect the device to your computer and you will get the USB Connected message with the green android icon
  • Touch on Connect USB Storage. You will get a dialog box asking for confirmation. Touch on Yes to confirm.
  • The android icon will now turn green and you can see it as a drive on your computer.

The newer versions of Android use the Media Transfer Protocol but you can still go back to the disk drive mode if you prefer it. So if you are using a devices having the android version 4.2 then this is how to go about it. Examples: Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 4 etc.

  • Go to Settings and then About Phone or About Tablet.
  • Scroll down to Build Number.
  • You will have to keep touching the build number for 7 times. On the third touch you will get a message telling you that you have to touch 4 more times to become a developer. So, keep tapping till you become one. You will know to stop when you get a message ‘No need you are already a developer’.
  • Now Developer Options will be included in About Phone.
  • Go to Developer options and enable USB debugging.
  • Now just connect the PC and follow the steps as above.

If all these methods don’t work out you can also try third party apps which can help you out.

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