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How to Put More Than 30 Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram is a very popular application for editing an image. This article will help you in putting hashtags on Instagram.

All of us are aware of the Instagram photo app that has been launched but have we made the most out of it! No, we haven’t unless we have placed Hashtags on our photo uploads so that we may get connected to all those photo aficionados who are akin to our interests.

Instagram is an image centric app compatible with Android and iOS interfaces and to get connected to an even niche platform it is recommended that you add Hashtags to your photos.

How to HashTag your Photo with Instagram

On Instagram here is how you may add a hashtag to your picture-

  1. Open the Instagram and shoot the subject you want to capture. Choose the filter that you like.
  2. Now type the name of your desired hashtag inside the caption box and then proceed to upload it.
  3. If you want to add a hashtag on a photo that has already been posted just go to the comments box and post your hashtag.
  4. That’s all for getting connected to people who have used the same hashtag on their photos. You may add 30 hastags to the same picture!

Instagram Hashtag

Choosing the Best Hastags in Instagram

Being particular just improves your chances and so you must add comments like #gameofthrones will connect you to those lovers of this show and not just any other show on HBO. #ilovecakes similarly may connect you to cake lovers only and not just to those images with #sweets tags on them.

Again observing what others are doing may also let you expand your horizon, for example, ride on the hashtags of your connections and see how other people are assigning hashtags with their interest. Most people do not use underscores in their tags- this is a general trend. For those who are marketing your brand, must add the name of their brand as a hashtag invariably.

How to Insert Over 30 Hastags in Instagram

Normally, you can add thirty hashtags to a picture and as soon as you exceed the limit you will get a notification- “error: sorry, this media already has too many tags attached (maximum: 30)”. If you delete them after they have been listed for a while, you may increase the number of people following you. This is how to do so-

1. “Slide to delete” Old Hashtags.

To make the Delete button appear you will have to go to the uploaded photo in the app and then tap on the option-Comments and then slide your older tags. The Delete option will appear.

2. Put New Hashtags

As soon as you assign hashtags, your picture will be displayed, and people will start following you. Since you have added too many hashtags the number of users are too many, pushing your photo to the bottom. And we all know that nobody bothers to scroll down or go to the next page! So adding more than thirty hastags will not expand your prospects. But if you change the hastags and use new ones, you may be connected to a newer set of users. So your popularity increases just as you wanted with more than 30 hashtags, without having the need to use more than that limit!


  1. If you are a professional photographer you must add the make of the camera, the power of the lens and other technical details to our picture.
  2. Intentionally use those tags that are popular.
  3. Tagged photos that are private will not be made public.
  4. No special characters are allowed in hashtags

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