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10 videos that Narrate Everything about “Office 2010”

Here’s Office 2010 video tutorials, explaining all office applications such as word, excel, powerpoint.

With close to 10 million beta testers of Office 2010, the latest productivity suite from Microsoft became a rage, much before becoming available for public release recently. Since Office beta got released, millions of people have got their hands on the latest features of Office 2010 and have been using Office 2010 during last 8 months or so.

It wasn’t surprising though that many beta testers found it a little tough to getting used to Office 2010 immediately. Also, people wanted to learn more about the features of office 2010, which they had never seen before. To address these concerns and create more excitement among the public for Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft came up with some awesome introductory videos and training tutorials of Office 2010 applications.

Hundreds of beta testers did their bit as well by uploading Office 2010 training videos on Youtube, helping other users understand and utilize the full capabilities of Office 2010.

We went through all those videos out there and picked the best 10 “Must-Watch” videos about Office 2010 applications, which are enough to explain everything about Office 2010 features and capabilities.

So, if you’re geared up to dig more into Office 2010 applications and use your applications more efficiently, don’t miss the videos featured below….

Don’t tell us you haven’t yet downloaded your copy of Office 2010. It’s a Must-have. Don’t you dare miss it !

#1 : Office 2010: The Movie video

Brief-up: This movie isn’t actually meant to educate you but rather turn you excited about the all new Office 2010.


#2: Microsoft Office 2010 Introduction video

Brief-up: This introduces Office 2010 with all its feature brief-up and giving a overview of the capabilities of the suite.


#3: Microsoft Word 2010 video

Brief-up: This video takes you through Word 2010, the most popular office application and latest added features.


#4 Microsoft Excel 2010 video

Brief-up: Catch how you can work on heavy datasheets with ease using Office 2010.


#5: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 video

Brief-up: This video shows a hands-on review of PowerPoint 2010 and what’s new in it.


#6: Microsoft Outlook 2010 video

Brief-up: This video shows off the features and capabilities of Outlook 2010.


#7: Microsoft Office 2010 Mobile video

Brief-up: This video explain about Microsoft Office 2010 Mobile, the mobile version of Office 2010.


#8: Microsoft OneNote 2010 video

Brief-up: Catch the video tutorial of OneNote 2010, its features and newly introduced capabilities.


#9: Microsoft Office 2010 Web Apps video

Brief-up: This video brings Office web apps into action. Check out the video, it’s worth a complete watch!


#10: Office 2010 Professional: Technical Preview video

Brief-up: This video is all about the professional version of Office 2010. Take a look !

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