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Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key Card

Know everything about Office 2010 Product Key Card, installation and activation details, how to get a Product key card for upgrading to full Office 2010 version.

Although Microsoft released Office 2010 last week for purchase through Online stores as well as retails outlets, another alternative way by which Microsoft has been providing trial version of Office 2010 to end consumers is by pre-installing Office 2010 on new computing devices(laptops, netbooks) sold by leading device manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Lenovo etc.

The motive behind providing pre-installed Office 2010 trial version is to let people explore the latest features of Office 2010 and unlock the full features and capabilities by upgrading their Office suite  with a Product Key Card.

Upgrading Office 2010 through a Product key card is something new for the ‘Office’ users as this method has been introduced for the first time by Microsoft so here’s everything you need to know about Product key card, how to use it, where to find it and method to upgrade your Office 2010 trial version.

Office 2010 Product Key Card

Product Key Card is a simple way to upgrade your pre-loaded trial version of Office 2010 on a new PC to full version of Office 2010. It must be noted that Product Key Card is particularly meant for “new PCs with pre-loaded Office 2010 trial version”. Existing PCs with beta version of Office 2010 or older version of Office cannot upgrade through Product Key Card.

More details about Product Key Card:

  • It includes a 25-character Product Key. You do not get any disc with it.
  • Every Product Key Card is licensed for one installation on one PC only
  • License cannot be transferred to another PC
  • Backup disc available

Advantages of buying Product Key Card

  • If you’ve bought a new PC (desktop, laptop, netbook), you can get Office 2010 at a discounted price with Product key Card
  • It offers great value for single license users
  • It’s quick to install. Just like unlocking any software application to unleash full features and capabilities

Steps to install and activate Office 2010 using Product Key Card

  • Confirm your PC meets the .
  • Locate your Product Key in your Office 2010 Product Key Card.
  • Check to see if your PC is preloaded with Office 2010. To do so, click the Windows Start menu, and then click All Programs. If you see “Office 2010,” Office is preloaded.
  • If your machine is preloaded with a trial version of Office 2010 then click the Windows Start Menu, and then click Office 2010.
  • On the startup screen, look for “Right tick mark” symbol, and simply click Activate to start activation.
  • When prompted to enter your 25-character Product Key, just enter your product key.
  • Your trial version of Office 2010 is upgraded to full version now.

Where to buy Office 2010 Product Key Card

  • You can buy Office 2010 Product Key Card through any Retail outlet or websites of hardware manufacturers
  • Alternately, you can buy a Product key card through
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