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Track and monitor the activities of your child for his/her better future. Go through Review for more details in this article.

There are about 432,000 school buses prying the roads in India as compared to total 144,331,115 vehicles. The school bus safety and tracking has not been of much important in India until recently.

This blog reaches out to parents, teachers, principals, drivers and RTO authorities and teaches them about the need of school bus and children safety. The NorthStar service works with the schools with; fixed bus routes and pick up and drop off stations, a set of discreet routes and stations, not at all fixed routes and stations. integrates a ‘School Bus Black Box’ on the school buses to safeguard the children while they are travelling via school conveyance. This box monitors the bus and its conditions every 5 seconds and sends the data to a remote server which can be accessed by the authorized personnel very easily.

The black box sends real time information about traffic rule violations, traffic jams, accidents and over speeding by the driver etc. The schools can easily keep track of their school bus fleets and children with the help of automatic attendance.

The main services provided by NorthStar utilizing the black box are as follows:

  • It enables parents to receive instant SMS alerts regarding the successful pick up and drop off of their ward at the designated stop within 10 minutes of the activity.
  • It notifies the parents about when does the child boards or leaves the bus in the school premises.
  • Both the schools authorities and the parents can keep track of the school bus fleet online as well.
  • It also advices the transportation authorities on the best routes for optimum utilization of resources such as fuel and time. Ensuring smooth journey and quick transit.
  • In cases of accidents or mishaps, it sends SMS to the concerned parents and the school authorities instantly.
  • It keeps track of child’s attendance both at the bus and on the school entry gates.
  • It constantly monitors the driver’s driving habits and alerts the authorities of any irregularities or unsafe driving trends.
  • It has the database of all the routes and stops that the buses are supposed to follow. The system alerts the school about any violations made in the pattern by the driver.
  • It also monitors the usage of school bus and fuel and notifies the school authorities about any misuse by the driver.
  • There are cameras fitted inside the buses which allow parents and school authorities to view the scenario inside the bus remotely, keeping track of unruly children, any missing children, rash driving and behavior of the respective driver.
  • Utilizing the NorthStar services, both the school authorities and parents can rest assured that their children are completely safe and are monitored the whole time they are away.
  • It’s high time that we realize the need for safety of our children when they are alone or own their own and when not present either at school or home. NorthStar will keep you away from all your worries.
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