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Nissan to launch semi-autonomous driving in the US

Nissan is close to bringing its semi-autonomous driving feature in the US. The automaker will launch its ProPilot Assist feature on its cars for the US citizens. Nissan will launch an exclusive version specifically meant for the US roads. Nissan launching semi-auto drive in the US will have considerable impact in the self-drive category.

The initial launch is restricted to single lane high-way driving. Nissan will test the outcome and will then add more to its existing technology in the US. However, this technology will make life easier for the long highway drives. This is trimmed down version of Tesla auto drive. The technology will use a radar, camera, and sensors to keep the car in the specified lane. The semi-auto pilot will control the speed and also cars braking. The car will automatically slow down if the car ahead slows. However, the limitation is in its inability to change lanes. Moreover, it is also useless for a street drive. A driver cannot use the emergency breaks as well in a semi-auto mode. The car will deactivate the semi-auto feature once the driver loses the grip of the steering.

Nissan launching semi-auto drive in the US is no coincidence. The US is currently a hot market for the auto drive option. The passenger car market is in buzz with the noise for a self-drive car. From Google to Chevy all are trying to catch the attention of the buyers. Moreover, it is a marketing tactic, more than a serious launch on the cards. The car makers want to keep their brand alive with innovative methods. And if at present auto-drive car is making noise then car makers cannot take the risk of losing the lime light.

Nissan launching semi-auto drive in the US

However, this should also not mean that this all for the show. Nissan is serious about its self-drive technology. Moreover, if it receives good feedback from both the car and the car owners then it will further invest in self-drive technology. In time they might launch their full auto drive in the US. However, it will take at least take four more years.

Besides the technology, the car maker also needs to make sure of safety and regulations. Nissan launching semi-auto drive in the US is a good step for the industry. It will bring in more competition. Moreover, it will improve the self-drive technology with more investments. Tesla has the maximum spot light when it comes to self-drive cars. They seem to have the early mover advantage in the industry. Nissan launching semi-auto drive in the US is a low intensified move. They want to take it slow and steady. Unlike Tesla, they don’t want to make too much noise. Moreover, as the semi-auto drive eases in. Nissan will throw in its full, self-drive technology with charm.

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