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Network Marketing

‘Network Marketing’ is an alternate way of marketing/selling a product or a service. This article will share some basic things related to Network Marketing.Network marketers

‘Network Marketing’ (both Offline and Online) is a business that’s always been questioned in many regards since its existance. The skeptics either question the stability and scalability of business models followed by various network marketing companies or raise doubts over the claims/promises that most network marketing companies make,within their sales pitches.

To explain it in brief, ‘Network Marketing’ is an alternate way of marketing/selling a product or a service, using customer referrals and their further referral networks. In lieu of selling company’s products, customers earn commisions and also enjoy earning when their referred customers triggers a sale. Most companies that employ Network Marketing have a product to offer, which may/may not be a ‘Value For Money’ product but has an associated business model to make up the gap.

Now, if you have personally been a part of any such presentation by some Network marketer belonging to any Network marketing company, you might have realised that the ‘business claims’ seem too good to be true at first glance but then few testimonials make you believe on the business growth possibilities of that particular company.

Except those who only want the product being offered, rest of the customers love assuming that they are steps away from turning the next millionaire in their newly adopted business.

But does all that really happen to most of those customers who buy these products and try referring it further ? Clear NO ! Only handful of them actually rake in the BIG Moolah…

‘Network Marketing’ is a business that has proven its instability time and again, as most of the companies that start up, shut their doors within an year or two.

And those companies which follow much scalable models of growing their referral networks, are the ones that survive the hard phase and run their way to business glory (and produce those handful of millionaires)

But if one looks at some of the famous ‘Network Marketing’ successes(such as Amway), one may realise that its just another form of marketing your product and making your healthy living(or dreams) out of it.

So, is there some definite formula to secure a place in those fraction of highly successful marketers ?

According to some of the veteran marketing gurus, there are some ‘Must Follow’ rules that a network marketer should apply, to get his way to making considerable money out of it. But most of those are ‘necessary but insufficient conditions’ for anybody’s success in real sense.

There are countless factors in making a ‘success run’ as a Network Marketer. I have myself been a network marketer for a couple of years(thankfully pleasant experience in my case) and it has been a thorough learning experience for me out there.

With plenty of efforts from my side, the fruits(in terms of money) weren’t so great but i learned some life experiences during my stint with Network Marketing (and that’s why feel positive about it). Anyways, I will discuss some of my personal experiences later but lets move on.

But the most critical element for anybody putting efforts into Network Marketing business according to me is the right ‘Mentoring‘(Guidance/Training). In case, you’re looking for some dedicated Mentorship programs to help you flourish your networking marketing business then you can take a look at HBSA, a dedicated virtual training centre, offering some decent training packages with three different offerings to help you out in getting the right mentoring for Network Marketing.

I may write more about ‘Marketing’ someday later, writing more about my personal experiences at ground zero. So stay tuned…!

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