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Navigating the Smartphone Market: Find the Right Android for You

Whether you’re switching to Android for the first time, or you’re just upgrading from an old phone, the selection of smartphones out there can seem a little intimidating. If you’re confused about which phone is right for you, check out the following features to help narrow down your list of potential new phones.

Best Phones for Photographers

 Navigating the Smartphone Market: Find the Right Android for You
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If you’re more interested in photographing memories, the following phones are worth checking out. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an amazing 16 megapixels (MP) in the rear camera. The fast Auto Focus quickly takes high-resolution pictures even while the action is happening. Plus, the HDR provides nice counterlight so your pictures always come out clear.

While the 4 MP on the HTC One M8 doesn’t sound impressive, reviewers say it takes brighter pictures than many other smartphone cameras. However, where this phone really stands out is the 5 MP front camera, perfect for taking clear selfies. Plus, the rear camera of the HTC One M8 also has a dual-LED flash for less washed-out pictures, and a depth sensor for pictures that look more professional.

Best Budget Phones:

Any contract you sign will obviously play a role in the price of your new phone, but if you have to pay full retail price, the Motorola Moto G is the one that will hurt your wallet the least. At $179, it’s a solid smartphone at a very reasonable price.

If you have a bit more room in your budget, the Google Nexus 5 is worth a look. This sleek phone has high-end specs and a long battery life, but at $349, it’s very affordable. Another good smartphone that comes in at $349 is the Motorola Moto X. Like the Moto G, it’s a solid phone, but for a little extra money you get a phone with more RAM and more internal storage.

Best Phones for Clumsy People:

If your phone needs to take some abuse, then look into the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. While the phone is just 0.26 inches thick, it’s built with tempered glass to protect the screen. Plus, the body is dustproof and waterproof in up to three feet of water.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also built to withstand an accidental drop in a kitchen sink full of water. The IP67 certification on this phone means that, as long as the charging covers are sealed, it can stay in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes and still come out working.

Best Lightweight Phones:

If it’s more important that your phone is thin and lightweight, you have a vast selection of Android smartphones from which to choose. Simple physics says that the bigger the phone, the more it will weigh. However, if you want the best of both worlds, the Nexus 5 might be perfect for you. This phone comes with a substantial 4.95 inch display, but only weighs in at 4.59 ounces.

Another lightweight phone to look into is the Moto X. This phone will easily fit into a pants pocket since the display is a convenient 4.7 inches. However, since it also only weighs 4.59 ounces, it won’t feel like it’s going to pull those pants down.

Best Phones for Battery Life:

Our phones are no longer just for talking. Now, we text, watch videos, play games, check email, and do so much more. With so much going on, we need a battery that can keep up. The LG G2 has a nice 3,000 mAh battery. However, even more impressive is the 900 hours of standby time and 17 hours and 30 minutes of talk time you get from the phone when it’s on a 3G network.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is another phone with great battery life. Since it has an impressive 3,200 mAh battery, you can get 420 hours of standby time and up to 21 hours of talk time when you’re on a 3G network.

When you’re trying to find the right Android smartphone, make sure you consider all the important features you want in a phone. Once you narrow the list down, you’ll be sure to find the phone that’s perfect for you.

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