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Microsoft Publisher 2010: What’s Exclusive!

Microsoft Publisher 2010 is another critical Office application that’s widely used by web developers and designers for creating websites and web templates.

And now with the arrival of Office 2010, Microsoft has added flurry of features to the existing capabilities of Publisher and packaged it well in Microsoft Publisher 2010.
Here’s everything new that has been added in Microsoft Publisher 2010. Take a look !

Ribbon UI

The ribbon, part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface (UI) has now been integrated in Publisher 2010 as well. With Ribbon interface, the accessibility to mostly used features will become far easier, saving time for the developers. This would provide quicker access to all the commands and enables users to do their own customizations. For instance, you can create your self-defined tabs to contain frequently used commands according to your preference.

Backstage view

Just like Ribbon UI, Office Backstage is also now an integral part of the Fluent UI throughout the Office application suite. The main function of Backstage view remains somewhat similar to Ribbon UI, that is, providing direct access to frequently used features from the File tab itself and helping users manage their Publisher 2010 files more effectively.

Clutter-free Workspace

In the Publisher 2010’s workspace, users will only see object boundaries when they would require them and would see alignment guides when they would need them (for instance, when a user tries to drag an object). Publisher users can also move swiftly from one page to another by using the new page navigation pane, which displays single-page or double-page thumbnails.

Integrated print and preview experience

In Publisher 2010, Print and Print Preview are integrated into single display, making it far easier for viewing the preview of any page and giving the Print command there and then. Earlier, one had to see Preview first and if everything looked fine then give a separate command for printing the page but with Publisher 2010, both the features are integrated as a single operation.

Saving file as .pdf or .xps

This feature has been introduced in Access 2010 as well. Users can now save files in the .pdf or .xps file format and can easily distribute their files through web or other mediums.Also .pdf files can be password-protected for providing limited access to the documents.

64-bit edition of Publisher 2010

Publisher 2010 64-bit edition is also available for Office users. It is backward-compatible with other versions of Publisher but can only be installed on Windows 64-bit operating systems.

This certainly includes the ability to make print adjustments as required while at the same time, viewing the effect of the changes in a larger preview of their publication. Users can view multiple pages at the same time, view page boundaries, page numbers, and sheet rulers while in print preview.

Get Microsoft Publisher 2010

Now, there are two ways by which you can get latest version of Microsoft Publisher:

1. Buy Microsoft Office Professional 2010. Only Professional version of Office 2010 includes Microsoft Publisher 2010.

2. Buy Microsoft Publisher 2010 separately.

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