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Smallest Xbox ever! Microsoft launches Xbox One X arriving November 7th for $499


Microsoft has unveiled Xbox One X from its “Project Scorpio” initiative. The company had to sneak peek its product through its E3 teaser videos and a mysterious trademark S logo. Microsoft has planned to launch the final version of the product on November 7th globally, pricing it at $499.

The good thing about the Xbox One X is that it will be able to play all the existing games of XBox 360. Moreover, it will also play Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles. The gamers will be able to use all the existing Xbox One accessories on this console. Microsoft has also planned to use “supersampling” technology to render games to look better on 1080p TVs. This is going to be an add-on to the new game releases on the Xbox series.

The new console is more powerful than the PS4 Pro as it provides 6 teraflops of graphical power leaving behind its main competitor, who provides 4.2 teraflops.

The new console comes with a custom GPU engine on Scorpio running at a maximum speed of 1172MHz. This is a big increase from the previous generations clock speed of 853MHz. The PS4 Pro provides GPU engine with 911MHz.

Xbox One X is also going to come with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive for 4K movies and entertainment media. The Xbox One X will also have 1TB of storage.

Microsoft has assured that the games will play at 4k as native on Xbox One X. Moreover, accompany also promises that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games will see a noticeable performance enhancement.

The Xbox One X also features a liquid-cooled vapour chamber cooling for the Scorpio GPU engine. This technology is used for the high-end PC gaming cards like the GTX 1080.

Microsoft has stated that this is the “smallest Xbox ever”. Moreover, the design looks similar to the existing Xbox One S model. The console features an HDMI-in port however, there is no Kinetic port. Altogether the size of the console has reduced apart from this there are no major changes to the design.

Xbox one X

The first game, launching along with the new console is Forza Motorsport 7. The game will run native 4K delivering 60fps. The game will debut on 3rd October.

Moreover, Microsoft as quoted up to 22  “console exclusive launch” of games with Xbox One X. Some of the featured games are Forza Motorsport 7, Crackdown 3 and Sea of Thieves.

The Microsoft Xbox chief,  Phil Spencer announced a number of new titles and announced that the console has the most powerful gaming console to date.

The new Xbox One X  will be available worldwide on November 7th, with a starting price of $499.

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