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Xbox 360 Fast Becoming Entertainment Powerhouse. MS to add 40+ Entertainment Services

Tons of Xbox Live subscription options have been added to existing options for all sorts of entertainment.

Xbox 360 has been the most successful consumer hardware to be launched by Microsoft in its entire history. And since the product made its public debut, Microsoft has not lazed at all in making quality additions to Xbox experience, every year or so.

Xbox Live has been a valuable subscription service for Xbox users as more than 35 million users are currently subscribed to it and the future growth is set to accelerate even further in the time to come.

With Xbox, Microsoft has always envisioned a long term strategy of dominating the living room by positioning Xbox hardware as the core platform for all entertainment needs.

Be it games, movies, music or TV shows, Microsoft has made way for all types of entertainment content through Xbox Live and with most recent announcement, Xbox Live will be even bigger entertainment hub for its users.

With a software update coming to Xbox Live users across the globe on December 6, Microsoft is all set to add more than 40+ Entertainment services to the already-rich Xbox Live platform.

Xbox Live users will have even more choices at their disposal, to get what movies they want, what game they want to play, what TV show they want to catch up with.

And not only that, Voice navigation through Kinect is also getting a big boost as the voice controls are going to be far better than what they have been this far.

Microsoft has partnered with tens of content providers within the U.S. and across the globe. With content providers such as NetFlix, Epix, Hulu Plus, among others, having tied themselves up with Xbox Live, users are going to be spending much more time using Xbox 360 in future.

All these partnerships along with tons of big gaming titles making their way during this holiday season should ensure that Xbox 360 sales doesn’t lack its lustre and keeps making money for Microsoft.

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