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Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010, one of the high utility office 2010 applications has got its upgraded successor in the name of Microsoft Excel 2010.

Microsoft Excel, one of the high utility office applications has got its upgraded successor in the form of Microsoft Excel 2010.

There has been some major upgradation and feature additions in Microsoft Excel 2010 compared to its older version.

In case, you’re looking for office 2010, we have described the office 2010 features in-brief here and about Microsoft Word 2010 here. Further ahead, you will hear in-depth description of features in Microsoft Excel 2010.

We have listed Microsoft Excel 2010 features below but you can also choose to look into full Microsoft Office 2010 training right here on our website as well.

1.Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheets can now run in the browser

In this release, Microsoft Excel 2010 has got its online counterpart, which enables its users to open and edit excel spreadsheets in web browser as well. This goes straight against Google spreadsheets, and it is proven now that Microsoft Excel Browser version is more feature-rich than Google spreadsheets. You can publish your excel spreadsheet on web through the desktop version itself.

microsoft excel 2010 screenshot

2. Sparklines feature

Microsoft Excel 2010 brings along a new feature called Sparklines, which gives a visual snapshot image of the data trends within a single cell. This feature makes charting different data ranges in one spreadsheet much easier. It also makes it easier to get a rough idea of data trends. This feature has been added, mainly as a commercial utility but it can be useful for students for research purposes.

microsoft excel 2010 screenshot1

3. Slicers feature:

Slicers have been introduced in Microsoft Excel 2010 to make data filtering and data interpretation far easier than what it is now. Slicers feature is meant to improve PivotTables and CUBE functions in an excel workbook. This may not come handy for basic users but advanced users will be very pleased with this.

4. High Performance Computing

Microsoft Excel 2010 comes with the capability of High Performance Computing(HPC) to be able to be work on highly intense and complex computational tasks through a sychronized use of multiple computing machines. For further details on this feature, read here.

5. Macros

In Microsoft Excel 2010, Macro recording for charts, spreadsheet formatting etc has also been added to Microsoft Excel 2010.

6. Online collaboration

With Microsoft Excel 2010, we can also share our spreadsheets via the browser with other users using Office Web Apps and set special permissions for access rights of various collaborating users. Such a collaborative feature can really help mobile businesses to work together on a single spreadsheet at any given time and collaborate over a single spreadsheet. One can have as many users on the same sheet, working on the same data without any interference or limitations to user experience.

7. Massive Data handling in 64 bit versions

With 64 bit version of Microsoft Excel 2010, you can work on a single spreadsheet with over 2 gigabytes of data. That’s definitely not going to be a reachable possibility for a normal user but for advanced and corporate users, there are chances that you could reach this data limit and therefore 64 bit versions allow it.

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Important Update: In case, you have not yet updated your Office 2010 software with latest service packs, here is the link for

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