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Microsoft Copilot debuts on Android, with iOS version Launching Soon

Here are the latest breaking news from the world of technology. Tech news that every tech enthusiast should keep a tab on.  


Microsoft Copilot debuts on Android, with iOS version launching soon

Microsoft Copilot, the AI-powered writing assistant similar to ChatGPT, has finally come to Android. This means users can now access its functionalities directly on their phones and tablets, without needing the Bing mobile app. The move comes just two weeks after the software giant launched Copilot’s web version. The’s Android version offers similar features that are available on the web version, like generating different creative text formats, translating languages, writing different kinds of creative content so and so forth. You can download the Copilot’s android directly from Google Play Store. The company is still working on the IOS app and is likely to be launched in coming weeks.


Musk’s xAI incorporates as ‘Benefit Corporation’ & not ‘Profit corporation’

Elon Musk’s AI company xAI, which was secretly launched earlier this year, has chosen a unique legal structure to run the company. According to the filings, the newly launched company has chosen ‘benefit corporation’ as the legal structure. Unlike traditional for-profit companies, benefit corporations prioritize not just shareholder returns, but also a “positive impact on society and the environment.” xAI will now be expected to report on its social and environmental performance alongside its financial results. Before launching xAI, Musk had always criticized OpenAI’s decision to shift from non-profit to profit making corporation. Overall, xAI’s decision to incorporate as a benefit corporation suggests a commitment to responsible AI development and positive societal impact.


Chrome launches password protection feature for safe Browsing

Google Chrome’s safety feature is all set to get a massive boost. Chrome will now continuously scan your saved passwords against a database of known breaches, alerting you promptly if any password is compromised. Apart from password protection, it will also look for other potential threats, including malicious extensions, outdated chrome versions and lax site permissions. You’ll receive notifications through Chrome’s three-dot menu, keeping you informed without interrupting your workflow. Over all, this new feature by Chrome will help in coping with hacking and data breach incidents. However, it is still recommended that Chrome browsers should use strong and unique password for every account. 


Bluesky’s latest update packs a punch

Just days after adopting a new logo and opening its post to general public, the decentralized social platform Bluesky has launched two new features. The first is In-app video and music player, which means users no longer have to switch apps. They can now watch and listen directly within Bluesky without leaving the platform. The supported platforms include YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitch embeds. The second is ‘hide post feature,’ which would allow users to hide any posts if they find them unpleasant and irrelevant. They have to just click on ‘hide post’ button to implement this feature. Overall, Bluesky’s latest updates will again help in attracting wider audience to its platform.


Paytm’s AI Automation: Over 1,000 job lost

Logo of Paytm company

The Indian fintech giant Paytm has made headlines recently for its controversial job cuts, reportedly exceeding 1,000 employees across various divisions. This move, attributed to the company’s aggressive push towards AI automation, has sparked discussions about the future of work and the impact of AI on jobs. Most of the jobs have primarily gone from marketing and operating department. The company aims to save 10-15% on employee costs through automation. Paytm’s latest move completely demonstrates that the fear of massive job losses due to AI technology is not completely unwarranted and exaggerated.

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