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Microsoft Access 2010: What’s Exclusive!

With the latest release of Microsoft access 2010, Microsoft has made some critical additions to the feature set.

Microsoft Access 2010 is one of the most extensively used office applications, primarily by IT professionals and enterprises. Microsoft Access is an RDBMS from Microsoft that basically provides a combined pool of Database management, software development tools, presented in a user-friendly GUI so that any programmer, developer or IT administrator can create, manage databases and build software applications by making use of the databases.

Now, with the latest release of Access 2010, Microsoft has made some critical additions to the feature set and capabilities of Access 2007, making it more productive for IT professionals and business users.

New features in Microsoft Access 2010

1. Ability to create Web databases: With the use of MS Access within Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, one can create a Web database using Access 2010. Front end users can use the database through a browser window. The design changes can be done by the Database administrator through MS Access 2010.

One must note that all of the features of desktop version of Microsoft Access 2010 are not replicated in the web version as well. Alternatively, the left out features can still be utilized in the web version by making use of other newly added features, namely calculated fields, data macros and similar others.

2. Export data to PDF and XPS format: This feature was a much requested feature and has finally been added in the latest version, that is, within Microsoft Access 2010. You can now export your data from Access 2010 application into .xps file format (XML Paper Specification) or .pdf file format (Portable Document Format) for easier distribution of your data via email or other sharing methods.

3. Ability to connect to a particular Web service as an “External data source”: With Microsoft Access 2010, you can now connect with a web service as an external data source. This could prove very useful for web developers and programmers who wanted to use their Access databases to be effectively used for their web services.

4. Backstage view: Backstage view and Ribbon UI have both been provided to all the office applications and therefore provided in Access 2010 as well. The Backstage view is accessible from the File tab and it contains immediate access to commands which user applies to an entire database, such as ‘compact and repair’.

5. Enhanced security features and strong integration with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010: These additions would help users manage data more effectively and allow making information tracking applications more secure than before.

Get Microsoft Access 2010

Now, there are two ways by which you can get latest version of Microsoft Access:

1. Buy Microsoft Office Professional 2010. Only Professional version of Office 2010 includes Microsoft Access 2010.

2. Buy Microsoft Access 2010 separately.

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