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Meta is heavily cutting down on Employee Benefits & Perks – Top Tech News


Meta is heavily cutting down on Employee Benefits & Perks

image source: Flickr

Meta Inc, the company which owns Facebook and WhatsApp, will no longer provide lavish perks to its on-site employees. The company has taken this decision on the back of regulatory crackdown, which has possibly taken toll on its financial prospects. According to The New York Times, going forward Meta won’t be providing perks like free laundry, dry cleaning,  valet services and more. The social media giant hasn’t made its clear whether this cut-down will be for temporary period or imposed relatively long period of time (Read more)


WeWork Saga ‘WeCrashed’ premiers on AppleTV+, reviews aren’t very flattering

Image source: Apple

WeCrashed web series, which recounts the spectacular rise and fall of WeWork & CEO Adam Neumann, has finally premiered on Apple TV+. The newly launched show isn’t getting really too much of positive reviews from the critics. Although not all critics are bad mouthing the film, most of them are picking up serious flaws in the web series. Some critics have pointed out that the drama is too cringy while other pointed that the series moves slowly and tests viewers patience (Read more)


Youtube Imposes a Global ban on Russian Media Channels

Google’s streaming platform Youtube has blocked all media contents related to Russian media channels on global basis. Earlier Youtube had banned prominent Russian media channels Sputnik and RT and their other subsidiaries only in Europe. However, following the latest decision, the ban now covers almost all countries in the world (Read more)         


Amazon Prime Video has also Paused its Services in Russia

Taking clues from other countries, Amazon Prime Video has decided to suspend all its streaming services in Russia. Amazon Games has also stopped taking new orders from Russia. Likewise, the parent company Amazon has decided to stop the shipment of all its retail products to Russia. (Read more)


Astronaut Kalpana Chawal’s unseen pics turned into NFTs

Image source: Nasa

To mark Women’s Day, which was celebrated barely few days ago, never before seen pics of famous Indian astronaut Kalpana Chawal has been tokenized as NFTs. This NFT collection was launched by GuardianLink on NFT marketplace. The NFT collection will feature ten images of Chawal, with each image coming with 25 additional  copies (Read more)

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