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How To Make Your Phone Not Reachable

If you don’t want to attend the phone and don’t want to cut it then learn how to make your phone not reachable. 

There are times when you do not want to attend a call but at the same time you do not want the caller to know you are ignoring his/her call. If you just press the call ending button as soon as the call comes the caller will know that you cutting him/her off.

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So, is there any way that you can ensure that you do not have to attend a call without making the caller aware of this? The answer is – yes. You can make your phone not reachable. So, how to make your phone not reachable? There are many tips and tricks to do that and here are some.

  • Keep the phone in the airplane mode. Most phones come with this feature now. All you have to do is try to switch off the phone and you will get this option along with others. Just select it and you are set.
  • Remove the battery. When you remove the battery from your phone while it is on. Just remove the back cover and remove the battery. This is again something that is fairly easy to do and known to everybody.
  • Changing the network on your phone. The default setting on your phone is Automatic for network selection. This means that your phone selects that network to which the SIM card belongs to. You can change it to manual. To do that, just go to Settings and then Network and Operator Settings and then Network Selection. Change it to Manual and the phone will start searching for a network to latch on to. You can leave it like that till you want to. When you are ready to start receiving calls just change the settings back to Automatic.
  • Call Forwarding. You know that calls can be forwarded from your phone. Well to avoid unwanted calls you can forward the calls to a mobile number that is no longer in use. Alternatively you can forward it to a landline number. Remove the landline phone from the cradle for some time.
  • Using the data connection. If you have a data connection package then you can use it to your advantage to make your phone not reachable. Just start downloading as many files as you can so that all the resources of your phone are allocated to this task. This will make your phone unavailable to receive calls.
  • Store the phone in steel or aluminum container. It is a known fact that signals cannot penetrate steel. So you can put the phone in a steel container or wrap it up in an aluminum foil.
  • Look for tools. Tools to block the signals from reaching your phone are available. You can purchase these tools online.
  • Use the features of your phone. If your phone is an android phone then you can use one of its features. The Operating System has a feature that allows you to put any number on a reject list. So, if a person on the reject calls you then the call will not reach you. And the caller will also not receive any message that says switched off.

Almost all these tricks will not allow you to make calls as well. If you want to make calls while at the same time prevent unwanted calls from coming to you then the best options are the call forwarding and the reject list.

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