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Low Cost Weekend Businesses to Start

Starting a weekend business generates extra income. If you are contemplating about low cost weekend businesses to start, you should be reading this article.

Caught in a wrong job? Or is it that your paycheck returns you nothing but peanuts. Well, many of us are on the same boat and desperately seeking avenues to make a little more money thalow cost weekend businesses to startn what our 9 to 6 jobs are offering us. While few, just want to engage their leisure hours and turn that into something fruitful and out of the box. And don’t mind if the outcome is in the form of monetary benefits! Whether you relate to all the above said scenarios or simply wish to be your own boss someday by quitting your stereotype job. Starting a low-cost weekend business makes a lot of sense for you. It doesn’t just nurture the budding entrepreneur inside you it also gets you one with the world of entrepreneurship This article aims at kick starting your entrepreneurial journey by accelerating few business ideas. So if you are contemplating about starting a low cost weekend business you should be reading this.

If Travelling is your niche…

Many people travel to new places during weekends and sightseeing is the first activity they get engaged with. Yes, you could be a travel consultant or a guide and take people around the unexplored territories. Be it a historical artifact or simply an architectural marvel. With minimum or no cost of investments. All you need to do is register yourself in the local tourism office by making an application stating your interest. If things work well, from a single man force for a complete unit of travel consultants would just be a matter of time.

Party Décor Services

The demand for party décor services is on a high rise for quite some time now. This just doesn’t mean you will be blowing balloons on a birthday party. You will also be responsible for designing the proceedings at the party, arrange logistics and everything else required for decorating and designing the party interiors. You can market yourself avenue by making a compact and colorful presentation to the local event management agencies, corporate, baby care and departmental stores and stationery shops stores. Once again, minimum investments required and you can expand your business to party cleaning services etc.

If you are a Green Trimmer

Green world is often clean world. However it is important to maintain the greenery and make them look more beautiful. Over time every tree grows and requires trimming of some unwanted or damaged branches. These branches can get hazardous by growing close to the power lines or during natural calamities. So if you are an expert tree trimmer you should take this up as an additional business and contact the local metropolitan development authority to get the contract of trimming and shredding trees during your pastime or you can refer to some existing businesses like to get a better understanding of how it works.


Another fairly new but sensible side avenue to start with. Every party or get together needs supply of food and liquor for guests. You can cater to the food supply along with a team of waiters and cooks. However, this business would need you to engage some workforce and you should be a leisure time cook.

Computer Repair and Troubleshooting

This is one opportunity you could capitalize upon if you are good at fixing computers. There is a great demand of this venture in today’s world. Most of the users are not tech savvy or don’t have much time to fix their computers. Your only investment would be in the form of your skill and a technician’s tool box. You could also look at other avenues like a toy and doll making, blogging, automobile detailing, event DJing, gardening and housecleaning services.

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