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LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

In this tutorial we will discuss LinkedIn mistakes to avoid that are most commonly committed. Lets take a look on this article.

LinkedIn is the best place for the IT professionals for connecting with the co-workers, marketing their skills and finding the next job out there. Recently, LinkedIn, has undergone various changes, so to keep abreast with the changes and to avoid the mistakes, you need to understand the recent changes. There are significant features that should not be overlooked. Here are the tips to avoid the top mistakes that are most often committed.

Not adding a professional photo

A profile with a photo in LinkedIn enhances the profile visit seven times. But, you need to understand that you should update your profile with your recent photo without distracting background. A fancy photo of you or your kid, some flowers, teddy bears may look good on Facebook, but it is not the apt one for LinkedIn. Remember, LinkedIn has much to do with your professional life, than the other social networking sites.

Avoiding secondary Email address LinkedIn mistakes to avoid

LinkedIn lets you add a secondary email. When you change jobs or due to any problem, you may lose your email Id. When you fail to add your additional email address, you are at the risk of losing contacts. So, always provide your secondary email at your LinkedIn profile.

Default URL

If you are a job seeker, then it is mandatory to have a personal URL. You can change your default URL to a personal URL by changing the public profile settings in LinkedIn. This also helps in marketing your branding profile.

Staying away from the public

A private profile can no more be advantageous. You can easily see that the private searches in Google are no more private. The Public profile is the perfect tool for a job seeker.

Avoiding groups

There can be much more opportunities you are exposed to when you join the groups. You can join up to 50 groups. You can share news, slide shares, participate in  discussions with the groups you are connected to. You miss out new opportunities and exposures when you fail to get connected to the groups.

Failing to take part in the discussions

LinkedIn offers a wonderful opportunity for you to show yourself the best candidate for a job, and when you fail to participate in the discussions, you fail to portray yourself as a viable candidate. You will not get noticed by the employers if you are not taking part in the conversations.

Trying to get connected to all

When getting connected is essential, you should not be sending friend requests to all the people in the networking site. If the individual who receives the requests denies claiming not to know you, then with 7 such I don’t know, your account ends up in jeopardy.

Avoiding Q&A

When you do not ask questions or answer to others’ questions, then you miss the opportunity to get answers from others. Your reputation can actually go up when you answer to the issues.


Do not take all your Tweets to LinkedIn. They are not as funny as they are in Twitter. This is not a proper forum for such statements.

Leaving the profile incomplete

You should add all your details like the company name, job title and summary to get noticed by employers. You should look for proper custom titles and include them in your profile. Make sure the title you add is what the employers search.

Avoiding recommendations

When you want someone to recommend your profile in LinkedIn, you need to give and then ask for recommendations for you. Always implore on strategies that can help you in improving profile.

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