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LG World Record’s Flash Mob Campaign

LG officially released the Flash Mob video and within hours the clip became viral. This article will tell you about LG’s Flash Mob Campaign.

LG World Record’s Flash Mob Campaign The ingredient of amazement mingled with the skillful presentation of an act can work wonders for a brand campaign. Today’s ever changing marketing world has successfully explored yet another branding beamer, popularly known as “Flash Mob”!

The dictionary definition of Flash Mob is “A group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and confuse surrounding people. In reality, it is much more than that.

Flash Mob was incepted during early 2003 and has worked as a brand changing visual tonic since then. Thanks to social media and online streaming websites like YouTube, it spread like a viral across Globe in a jiffy.

The latest sensation going viral all over is the unique flash mob put up by Consumer Electronics Company LG India.  LG World Record’s Flash Mob Campaign was one of the popular events. We have seen and experienced how “Kolaveri Di” and “PSY Gangnam Style have literally become the Flash Mob anthem for the world. With the latest LG flick, it just went on proving that the Shock Therapy read Flash Mob works wonders.

LG plays Cupid

Love was in the air on October 6th, 2012 with the hustle and bustle of a busy weekend at the Ambience mall Gurgaon. And Bang! All of a sudden out of nowhere started an impromptu loud music and to feat’ing to its beats surfaced a group of well-suited young boys and girls, who in seconds churned up the busy mall and captivated the weekend shoppers in their groove!

LG’s World Record’s Flash Mob Campaign Video

The motto of the flash mob was to help out a certain LG user, Delhite Mr. Karan Arora woo and propose his lady love Pooja Basara.Later on Karan gets engaged to Pooja publicly at the venue. Now, that’s sweet! The event was strictly kept under curtains and was only known to few.

How it Spun?

It all begin when the “Saadi Delhi” boy Karan approached the LG World record forum in conversation with one of those cute LG mascots who usually interact and respond  to user’s queries. In a light conversation Karan expressed his wish to propose to his Girlfriend in a unique way and LG was all ears.

They deputed LGWR (LG World Record) men Sherlock, Greg and Joy play the Genie and fulfill the wish of the Delhi boy who was head over heels in love. Sounds like a traditional Bollywood story? It was no lesser than that. They teamed up with LG India’s Digital marketing partners, Gold Ocean Communications to play the cupids in Karan and Pooja’s love story.

What followed next was hours of practice with professional choreographers and dancers and meticulous planning to make the event a grand success. Surprise was the key element of the act and thus measures were taken so that the Flash Mob planning didn’t leak before execution.

The flash mob hit the floor as Pooja came for shopping with one of her friends at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. A group of 100 dancers swirled around the main gathering area of the mall matching beats to Chartbuster Bollywood numbers.

Karan, of course was the front runner amidst the dancers. Pooja was pleasantly taken by surprise as she watched Karan making all possible attempts to win her heart. The ever-cheering spectator comprised of individuals from all age groups and their heads turned to this brave attempt in a public venue. After setting the crowd foot tapping for nearly 20 minutes the flash mob reached its climax with Karan stepping up to propose Pooja for marriage.

The exuberant and extremely energetic crowd kept cheering Karan as he went down on his knees and proposed Pooja. A very shy Pooja, smitten by Karan’s gesture agreed with a smile delighting every heart present at the venue. The impromptu appearance of LGWRman Sherlock added frolic to the very special moment as the enthusiasts impinged to meet and click with him on one of his flimsy appearances.

LG has officially released the Flash Mob video on its YouTube channel LGWorldRecord and within hours the clip became viral across globe.

This is the first ever and one of a kind performance conceived by a Global consumer electronics company in India and has been received positively all over. Later in a conversation with LGWRman Greg, he clarified the purpose of this “not so serious act”. In his words, happiness is in small things. LG aims at healthy customer interaction and do something special which lives by the line of their company motto “Life’s Good”.

The event also marks a groundbreaking marketing strategy by LG to capitalize the consumer electronics product line. It is indeed a brave and determined effort to break free from the conventional marketing flicks which doesn’t only increase the brand visibility, at the same time wins the confidence of countless present and potential customers. Life looks good for LG, so does the future in India.

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Also enjoy this interesting video of the making of this Flash Mob Marriage Proposal.

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