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Iran does a big Favor on WhatsApp – Top Tech News

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Iran does a big Favor on WhatsApp

Iran has probably done a huge favor on WhatsApp by blocking the latter’s emerging rival Signal. People in Iran were unable to subscribe to the Signal app as early as Monday morning. Signal has said that it is trying to work with the Iranian government to resolve the issue. With the ban on Signal, WhatsApp and Instagram are the only two prominent social media platforms that remains unblocked in Iran.


Twitter makes a move to take on Substack

Over the last few months, Twitter has been making bold acquisitions. Its recent acquisitions are a reminder of micro-blogging giant’s valiant quest to experiment with its platform. Now keeping up with the same quest, Twitter has now acquired newsletter editorial platform Revue. Writers, journalists and publishing companies are amongst Twitter’s active users and the micro-blogging company plans to leverage this active user base through its latest acquisition. However, Substack is already an established player in this niche and it would take some special effort by Twitter to beat this tough competitor.


Google’s VR painting project Tilt Brush has been shut down

Google’s virtual reality and augmented reality projects are going haywire one after another. Now adding to this long list is Google’s VR painting app Tilt Brush, which brought a touch of VR to digital paintings drawn with the help of this app. Although Google has now decided to axe Tilt Brush app as an active product, it will now continue to operate as an open source community. This means developers can add their own new codes to further develop and customize this project.


Youtube claims that it has paid more than $30 Bn to artists & others over the last three years

For millions of artists & other independent professionals, Youtube has proved to be a strong monetization channel. Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki has added an interesting figure to this fact by claiming that the streaming platform has paid more than $30 bn to artists, media organizations & other in advertising revenue. Wojcick shared this news in an official news letter that was published barely few hours back.

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