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Will the world give a green signal to Signal App – Top Tech News

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Will the world give a green signal to Signal App

Logo of instant messaging app Signal app

People across the world have been clamoring to find WhatsApp alternatives ever since the Facebook owned instant messaging app recently changed its privacy policy. The one app that has benefitted most from this unprecedented global quest is the Signal App. But what eventually gave a big boost to the Signal app was Elon Musk’s tweet. Hours after Musk tweeted that people must shift to Signal app for secured messaging, its global download numbers increased swiftly. But the bigger question is that is this a temporary phase or the world has genuinely started giving a green signal to the Signal app.


Twitter is done with Donald Trump

In an unprecedented development, Twitter has once again banned Donald Trump’s account. But this time it is a permanent ban.  Twitter cited ‘concerns over further incitement in violence’ and Trump’s previous transgression as the primary reason for taking this extraordinary step. The micro-blogging giant’s official statement also made references to the mob violence that took place in the Capitol building earlier this week.


Roku acquires the content library of bankrupt streaming startup Quibi

Remember Quibi, the streaming startup that raised a whopping $2Bn that eventually went bust last year. Quibi had used most of that $2Bn funding for building a huge content library, which was up for grabs after the startup shut its shop. Well, the content library has now been acquired by Roku for less than $100 Mn.


Bitcoin hits $40000 mark for the first time        

Bitcoin is back in its beast mode as for the first time its price hit $40,000 mark in the US market on Thursday. Though Bitcoin could not sustain itself at the $40,000 level mark, with its current price hovering at around the $39,000 level. Bitcoin’s price has surged almost 700% since March last year.

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