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Quibi – the $2 Bn experiment – has fizzled out – Top Tech News

Here is today’s top trending news from the world of tech..


Quibi – the $2 Bn experiment – has fizzled out   

Image source: Flickr

It was really much ado about nothing, this is exactly how most people would like to sum up the story of Quibi. The mobile short video streaming service platform has decided to shut the shop after it failed in meeting its subscription targets. This despite the fact that it had raised nearly $2 bn from investors and the pandemic lockdown could have helped in building the momentum. Simply put, Quibi will go down as a billion dollar failure of 2020. To know more click here.


Payment giant PayPal is going the crypto way

Payment giant PayPal has finally blinked as it decides to enter the cryptocurrency market. This decision literally means that PayPal users can now buy and sell bitcoin as well as other virtual currencies on the platform. These virtual currencies can be subsequently used to buy stuffs from merchants, Paypal added. However, the crypto feature will be initially introduced only in the U.S. market and will be gradually rolled out in other markets. PayPal’s decision has already given a huge boost to Bitcoin’s price in the international market, with Bitcoin’s price touching to $12,000. To know more click here.


Not only interesting but also ironical too, Google invests in an Israeli startup that seeks to protect online data

While search giant Google has been repeatedly accused of data privacy breach, it has now invested in a startup that actually focuses on data privacy. This may sound ridiculously untrue for all those who are aware just how crucial ‘data’ is for Google’s survival and growth. But this is actually not untrue or exaggerated lie. Google’s dedicated venture’s fund has indeed led an series A investment of $9.5 Mn in Israeli startup Mine. This Israeli startup works to ensure that personal online data never gets misused…To know more click here…


Facebook is testing a feature in Canada that will help its users to connect with Neighbours  

Facebook is currently busy testing a feature in Canada that will help users to connect with their neighbours in a seamless way. This feature rivals that of Nextdoor, which is purely dedicated to help people in connecting with their neighbors. This trail is still in the initial stage and therefore it is too early to say whether Facebook will roll out this feature on a full-fledge basis. To know more click here.


NASA’s tryst with an asteroid

Barely 24 hours ago, NASA released an image that showed one of its spacecraft touching an asteroid. The image showed the spacecraft stirring up rocks and debris on the asteroid. However, if reports are to believed then NASA spacecraft’s tryst with asteroid wasn’t really accidental. To know more click here.    

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