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iOS Malware: The new ‘story’ awaits…

iOS malwareApple created iOS and that has been one of its best works, but malware for iOS has been creating quite an unrest. This article is about iOS Malware.

That too in a market where a mere rumor about any service or product by the company creates humongous speculation in the market and the value of the company rises exponentially.

But the quality of products has not been the only selling factor for the company. For decades, the operating systems on Apple devices have been known for their resiliency to malware attacks.

However owing solely to the rising popularity and tons of apps for the devices, iOS Malware is the latest rising phenomenon.

iOS Popularity : Its main downfall?

In the coming quarter of 2011, leading security agencies like McAfee have predicted that iOS users should expect increased malware attacks and activity aimed at their devices. That is why McAfee has joined hands with another security agency Stonesoft to analyze the solution and provide suitable solutions and advices if any.

The agencies report that this increased activity is due to the simple reason of more and more people purchasing hand held devices. With these devices acting as mini-app stations, with apps being developed for almost everything, malicious software can easily be installed under the disguise of some product, possibly claiming to be the best app ever.

It has become bafflingly simple to invade your personal space; you yourself are granting such iOS malware the rights to access your personal details.

iOS Jailbreak: Possible bait for iOS Malware ?

Steve Jobs may have given everyone their dream cellular devices when he launched the iPhone, but then the phone was limited to one connection only. And thus enters jailbreak. This is a process through which an iPhone can be cracked so that the SIM calling card can be changed at will, not being limited to just one connection.

With the increasing popularity of the iPhone, the popularity of jailbreak processes has also risen proportionately. iOS malware attackers have exploited this trend and had launched an attack on the unsuspecting public. The jailbreak software called ‘greenpois0n’ once installed on the iPhone, has unlimited access to your passwords

Such activities are not limited only to jailbreaks. Rumor has it that the Apple’s handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPad are set to work as portable wallets soon, with the user requiring only to swipe the device in place of the traditional credit card.

And thus all the details pertaining to a user’s bank account will be stored in the device itself. As per a report by Kasperksy Labs, these rumors lead to an unprecedented swell in the malware community, with various types of malware beginning to appear online at an alarming rate.

Obviously, where else would the hacker get such an easy access to a person’s info, with the user himself allowing the attack? All that can be said is, Apple users beware, malware activity is on the rise, and only constant vigilance can save you and your Apple handheld device from being swept away in this tide of iOS malware.

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