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Increase USB Flash Drive Write Speed

USB flash drive is the best priority to transfer data from one PC to another. This article will help you in increasing the write speed of a USB flash drive.

We cannot imagine life without USB flash drive which is also called with several names like pen drive, thumb drive, flash drive et al. They help us a lot in simple, efficient and quick way to transfer files and folders.

In this age of speed none of us can afford to lose precious time in doing routine works like file transfer and we expect the devices to be efficient enough to complete such at lightening speeds. But unfortunately machines are machines and cannot adjust themselves as per our desires. At the same time the manufacturers do have certain limitations beyond which they can only expect a fairy angel to spin her magic wand to help them in creating wonderful gadgets that could satisfy everyone.

The speeds of USB flash drives have become a concern for those who wish to complete their tasks at great speeds. They face the wrath of slow copying speeds particularly at the instances where large files are being transferred from either system to USB flash drive or vice versa. Such annoyingly slow copying speeds of flash drives can delay the tasks when the situations would be demanding for a quick completion.

How can they improve or increase the writing speed of the USB flash drives is a perennial question. But fortunately, this question is not without an answer. Let us find out the real answer by knowing which the USB flash drive users can add speed to their thumb drives.

Increase USB Flash Drive Write Speed

Steps to increase USB flash drive write speed

There are two methods to speed up the file writing on to the flash drives.

  1. Formatting the flash drive
  2. Modifying the flash drive properties.

Method 1 – Flash drive formatting

This is a simple method wherein the entire flash drive would be formatted and the file system type would be reset to maximize the write speed of the thumb drive. Just follow the below steps if you wish to use this method.

  • Plug the flash drive to the desktop or laptop.
  • Select the pen drive and right click on the icon.
  • Choose ‘Format’ option (ensure that you have copied all the documents of flash drive on to another drive as formatting would erase the data stored on the flash drive.)
  • From the formatting options, you can see File System option.
  • Change the option to NTFS from default option of FAT32.
  • You can leave the rest of the options with the default parameters and click on OK button.
  • Formatting would take some time to complete hence do not remove the flash drive or turn off the system.
  • After successful completion of the formatting, try to write on to the flash drive by copying the contents saved on the hard disk of the PC.
  • You should be able to see the difference in copying speed which would be better than the previous operation.

Method 2 – Changing Flash Drive Properties

For any reason you do not wish to format the flash drive, you can adopt an alternative method of changing the properties. To do this,

  • Connect the flash drive to a system.
  • Right click on the flash drive icon and select Properties.
  • Click on Policies tab and select ‘Optimize for performance.’

This would fairly improve the write speed of the flash drive.

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