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Hygger – Prioritize Projects With Agile Project Management Tool

What does Chegg, Amdocs, and First Republic Bank of U.S have in common? They all use, a seminal Agile project management tool to collect ideas and prioritize projects. is a bootstrapped venture, founded by Alexander Sergeev on January 2018 in Belarus. Given its nascent stage, yet big clients speak volumes of its capabilities amongst Agile development platforms.

Whether you’re a small business or a big company, Hygger provides you with a platform that allows for powerful prioritization and project creation. It also differentiates itself from others by providing WIP limits on Agile board and value charts on the backlog.

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

From Idea Bank to Project Road Map

Hygger allows you to collect all your ideas, bugs, feature requests, customer feedback, etc. So that you can have it, all in one place – easily accessible. You can then prioritize your work accordingly and save your company a lot of dough.

The backlog board is the idea bank from where you propel your plans. You can identify the patterns in your board and prioritize them for better results and maximum efficiency.

Hygger’s Roadmap Board is your visual canvas from where you can see how well your product is doing. It’s a three-in-one tool to plan and strategize the product, while you easily communicate with your team. The visual board gives you the status of members and the work progress. If you’re short on time, you can still gain insights from the Roadmap Board for the big picture of your product’s future outlook.

Hygger Prioritization Options

You can prioritize your projects on Hygger in several ways. The platform offers you options to prioritize projects based on value and effort when you need to assess raw insights and outline new features. This feature will make decision making faster and less uncertain.

Another way to boost your project is through Priority Matrix. When you use it, you’re shown a chart in the form of priority matrix. It’s a quick and easy way to spot your next winning idea. It fits well for those who are visual than analytical. With this chart, you can nimbly find your way around in decision-making and filter out doubts.

Custom prioritization is the speciality of Hygger. Hence, you have inbuilt prioritization options such as ICE prioritization and RICE prioritization. In the former option, you can score features based on impact, cost, and ease metrics. Meanwhile, RICE Prioritization scores your features based on impact, reach, effort, and confidence. Additionally, you also have the feature wherein you can define projects through weighted scoring.

Integrations and Pricing is neck and neck with other platforms that offer integrations. You can even integrate with JIRA for your Agile operations. You can also combine your boards with Slack.

For a devout developer, offers integration with GitHub as well. Now you can integrate your project management tasks with the core engineering milestones on a few clicks.

You can use Dropbox and Google Drive for your cloud storage needs and use this tool to its full potential. doesn’t have a free plan. But, you can access the platform on a time-bound free subscription plan, which you need to upgrade later. The standard plan starts at $7 per month and the fully professional mode is $14 per month. Other platforms might have a free plan, but that excludes all the crucial elements to successfully create and manage a project. While on Hygger, you get all these options for just $7 a month, which is the lowest starting price in this industry.

So, if you’re a user of Asana, Trello, Slack, or Excel spreadsheet and you’re not satisfied, you can give Agile tool a try.

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