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How to Uninstall Tarkov

how to uninstall tarkov

In the world of immersive, high-stakes gaming, few titles capture the intensity and realism that “Escape From Tarkov” offers. However, there comes a time when players might need to uninstall the game, whether for troubleshooting, to free up disk space, or simply because they’re taking a break. Knowing how to uninstall Tarkov properly ensures that your system remains clean and that you can reinstall the game smoothly in the future if you choose. This blog post will guide you through the process, covering everything from the basic uninstallation steps to resetting your Tarkov account.

How to Uninstall Escape from Tarkov

Uninstalling Escape from Tarkov might be necessary for various reasons, whether it’s to free up space on your hard drive, troubleshoot issues with the game, or simply because you’re taking a break from it. The process of uninstalling the game is straightforward, but there are a few steps you’ll want to follow to ensure that it’s completely removed from your system, including any residual files that might be left behind. Here’s a detailed guide on how to uninstall Escape from Tarkov and ensure that your system is clean and ready for whatever you plan to install next.

Step 1: Use the Battlestate Games Launcher

Escape from Tarkov does not use traditional platforms like Steam or Epic Games Store for distribution. Instead, it relies on its own launcher, the Battlestate Games Launcher. Here’s how you can use it to uninstall the game:

  1. Open the Battlestate Games Launcher: You’ll need to start by opening the launcher, which is where you originally installed Escape from Tarkov.
  2. Navigate to the Game Tab: Once the launcher is open, find the ‘Escape from Tarkov’ tab on the left-hand side of the window.
  3. Uninstall Option: In the game’s tab, look for the “Uninstall” button. It should be clearly visible, often located next to the “Play” or “Update” button.
  4. Confirm Uninstallation: After clicking “Uninstall,” you’ll likely be asked to confirm that you want to remove the game. Confirm that you do, and the launcher will proceed to uninstall Escape from Tarkov from your system.

Step 2: Check for Residual Files

After you’ve used the launcher to uninstall the game, it’s a good practice to check for any residual files that might be left on your system. These files can take up space and potentially interfere with future installations. Here’s what to do:

  1. Navigate to the Installation Folder: Go to the folder where Escape from Tarkov was installed. If you didn’t change the default installation path, it might be in your “Program Files” folder or a specific folder you designated on your hard drive.
  2. Delete Remaining Files: If there are any files or folders left in the installation directory, delete them manually. This ensures that all components related to Escape from Tarkov are removed.

Step 3: Clear Temporary Files

Temporary files might also linger on your system after uninstallation. Clearing these can help free up additional space and ensure there are no remnants of the game left.

  1. Use Disk Cleanup: You can use the built-in Disk Cleanup utility on Windows to clear temporary files. Simply search for “Disk Cleanup” in the Start menu, select your main drive, and check the types of files you wish to delete, including temporary files.
  2. Empty Recycle Bin: After deleting any residual or temporary files, don’t forget to empty the Recycle Bin to permanently remove them from your system.

How to Uninstall Tarkov

If you’re looking to remove Escape from Tarkov from your computer, the process involves a few simple steps that ensure the game is completely uninstalled, including the removal of any game files and related data. This guide will walk you through how to uninstall Tarkov effectively, helping you reclaim disk space and keep your system clean.

Step 1: Uninstalling Through the Battlestate Games Launcher

Escape from Tarkov is managed and launched through its own dedicated launcher, the Battlestate Games Launcher. Here’s how you can use it to uninstall the game:

  1. Launch the Battlestate Games Launcher: Start by opening the Battlestate Games Launcher. This is the application you use to launch Escape from Tarkov.
  2. Find Escape from Tarkov: Look for the Escape from Tarkov tab on the launcher. It should be on the left-hand side of the application window.
  3. Initiate Uninstallation: Within the Escape from Tarkov tab, you will see an “Uninstall” option. Click this button to start the uninstallation process.
  4. Confirm Uninstallation: The launcher will ask you to confirm that you want to uninstall Tarkov. Confirm your choice, and the launcher will proceed to remove the game from your system.

Step 2: Removing Residual Game Files

After you have uninstalled the game using the launcher, it’s possible that some game files may still remain on your computer. To ensure a complete removal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Game’s Installation Directory: Navigate to the directory where Escape from Tarkov was installed. This might be in the “Program Files” folder or another location if you specified a different path during installation.
  2. Delete Leftover Files: If there are any files or folders left in this directory, delete them manually. This action helps ensure that all traces of Escape from Tarkov are removed from your PC.

Step 3: Cleaning Up After Uninstallation

To ensure that your computer is free of any lingering data from Tarkov, consider performing the following additional clean-up steps:

  1. Check for Hidden Files: Some hidden files associated with the game might still exist on your system. You can search for these by enabling “Hidden items” in the View tab of File Explorer.
  2. Use a System Cleanup Tool: Utilize a system cleanup tool to remove temporary files and other remnants that the game may have left behind. Tools like Windows Disk Cleanup can be very effective for this purpose.
  3. Empty the Recycle Bin: After manually deleting any leftover files, make sure to empty the Recycle Bin to permanently remove them from your system.

How to Reset Your Tarkov Account

Resetting your Escape from Tarkov account can be a necessary step for various reasons, whether you’re looking to start fresh with a clean slate, experiment with different playstyles, or rectify mistakes made in your gameplay progression. However, it’s essential to understand that resetting your account is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Here’s a detailed guide on how to reset your Tarkov account and what you need to consider before proceeding.

Before You Reset:

  1. Understand the Consequences: Resetting your account will wipe all progress, including your stash, character levels, quests, and in-game currency. You’ll essentially start from scratch as a new PMC.
  2. Backup Important Data: If there are any items or gear you want to keep, make sure to transfer them to a friend’s account or a secure location in your stash before initiating the reset.

Steps to Reset Your Tarkov Account:

  1. Visit the Escape from Tarkov Website: Go to the official Escape from Tarkov website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Access Your Profile Settings: Once logged in, navigate to your profile settings. This can usually be found by clicking on your username or profile icon.
  3. Locate the Reset Option: In your profile settings, look for the option to reset your account. This is typically labeled as “Reset game profile.”
  4. Confirm the Reset: After selecting the reset option, you’ll likely be asked to confirm your decision. Read through the warning message carefully to ensure you understand the consequences of resetting your account.
  5. Follow the Instructions: Follow any on-screen instructions to complete the account reset process. This might involve entering your account password or providing additional verification.
  6. Wait for Confirmation: Once you’ve confirmed the reset, wait for a confirmation message to appear. This confirms that your account has been successfully reset.
  7. Restart the Game: After receiving confirmation, close and reopen Escape from Tarkov to start playing with your freshly reset account.

After Resetting:

  1. Adjust Your Playstyle: With your account reset, take the opportunity to explore different strategies, playstyles, and approaches to the game.
  2. Rebuild Your Progress: Embrace the challenge of rebuilding your stash, completing quests, and leveling up your character from scratch.
  3. Learn from the Experience: Use the reset as a learning opportunity. Reflect on your previous gameplay experiences and apply lessons learned to improve your performance moving forward.


In conclusion, uninstalling Escape from Tarkov is a straightforward process that ensures the removal of the game from your system, freeing up valuable disk space and potentially resolving any issues related to the game. By following the steps outlined in this guide—utilizing the Battlestate Games Launcher to initiate the uninstallation, manually removing residual files, and conducting a final cleanup—you can ensure a thorough removal of Escape from Tarkov from your computer. Whether you’re uninstalling for troubleshooting purposes, making room for other games, or simply taking a break from Tarkov, these steps will help you achieve a clean and complete removal of the game from your PC.

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