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How to Turn Off Fast Boot in Windows 8

In this article we will tell you how to turn off fast boot in Windows 8. Here’s the complete details:

While working on an amply resourced computer you feel like all your system tasks and processes are working on the fast lane. Windows 8 is powered by a unique feature known as file hibernation (in which there is some information or instructions stored related to the configuration of the data and is reloaded whenever the system start afresh.) In most cases, when Windows 8 finds that there have been some changes in the hibernating file, it starts the booting process by ignoring the delta files. Its starts the system with the normal process where the kernel, device drivers, services and the applications are reloaded.  When you need to make changes to your hibernating file on a regular basis then you should ensure to turn off the fast boot windows 8 process.

Steps to disable the fast boot windows 8 are as under-

  1. Access Windows 8 Control Panel. There you would be able to see various options like power options, windows mobility centre, change battery settings etc.  From the above options you will have to select the power options.
  2. Power options would open in a new window, with various options and schemes for customizing power options as per your requirement. It will have various power plans, sleep, wake up and hibernate options and how your Windows 8 computer responds to a sudden surge or power or during low battery (if you are using a laptop)It will also show the plans for the battery meter- which are balanced and power saver. Labeling which you will find the option of change settings.
  3. Click on the balance options and then on the change settings options which are not present in the system currently. For doing the changes you should login as an administrator or use an account with elevated access. Here you will be able to view that the “Turn on fast start up” where you will have to click the radio button to uncheck the option of “Turn on the Fast startup” for disabling. Then click on the confirm button for applying the changes.After implementing the changes-ensure to restart the system so that the changes could be made effective.

Apart from the above setting there is another tweak (although little tricky and recommended for advanced users) for disabling the fast boot. This process could be executed from the command prompt window. Here you go;

Run a command prompt with elevated access and type the given commands-

Powercfg -h off

reg add ‘HKLMSYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerPower’ /V HiberbootEnabled /T REG_dWORD /D 1 /F

  • There would be no immediate message or notification flashing on the screen. Once the command is executed restart the system for implementing the changes. The benefit of running the changes through the command window is that it can be also executed by writing simple batch files or even integrated in login scripts if you are looking to deploy this setting across an estate of users. Also it can be remotely run by using the two command line utilities Sysinternals from PSExec.



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