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How to Show Promotion on LinkedIn

how to show promotion on linkedin

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is a platform where individuals can showcase their career journey, skills, achievements, and more. One significant aspect of this journey is promotions. As professionals advance in their careers, it’s essential to reflect this progression accurately on their profiles. But how to show a promotion on LinkedIn in the best way? Let’s dive deep into this topic.

Why and When to Add a Promotion to LinkedIn

Before addressing the question, “how to show a promotion on LinkedIn?”, it’s crucial to understand the importance and timing of such updates.

  1. Visibility to Connections: Sharing a promotion can bring positive attention from your network, which includes peers, superiors, recruiters, and potential business partners.
  2. Accurate Professional Representation: Keeping your profile updated ensures that others get an accurate snapshot of your professional journey and growth.
  3. Potential Opportunities: An updated profile can attract new job opportunities, business partnerships, or mentorship offers.

In terms of timing, it’s advisable to update your LinkedIn shortly after your promotion becomes official. This ensures that your profile remains current, and your network is informed in real-time about your career progression.

How to Show a Promotion on LinkedIn

Addressing the central concern, “how to show a promotion on LinkedIn?” involves a few straightforward steps:

  1. Log into LinkedIn: Start by signing in to your LinkedIn account and navigating to your profile page.
  2. Edit Current Position: Click on the ‘pencil/edit’ icon next to your current position.
  3. Update Your Title: Change your job title to reflect your new position.
  4. Update Dates: Adjust the start date of this position to the date your promotion took effect and end the date of your previous role.
  5. Description: Add relevant details about your new role and responsibilities.
  6. Save Changes: Ensure you save all the changes you’ve made to reflect the promotion.

LinkedIn Promotion vs. New Position

A common question, apart from “how to show a promotion on LinkedIn?”, is whether to represent the promotion as a continuation in the current company or as an entirely new position.

If you’ve moved departments or taken on a role that’s vastly different, it might make sense to add it as a new position. However, if it’s a hierarchical promotion within the same department, it’s best to update your current position. It helps in showing a clear progression within the same organization.

When Should I Update My LinkedIn After a Promotion

As mentioned earlier, it’s optimal to update your LinkedIn shortly after your promotion becomes official. However, there’s more to consider.

  1. Announcement Policy: Some companies might have policies or preferences regarding when employees can publicly announce promotions. Ensure you’re in line with any such guidelines.
  2. Position Clarity: Ensure you fully understand your new role, responsibilities, and title before updating. This ensures accuracy in what you’re sharing with your network.
  3. Engage Your Network: When updating, LinkedIn offers the option to notify your connections about the profile change. Utilizing this can bring visibility, but ensure it’s done tastefully.

How to Edit Your LinkedIn Job Title

While we’ve touched upon “how to show a promotion on LinkedIn?”, editing the job title specifically deserves a closer look:

  1. Navigate to ‘Experience’: On your profile, go to the ‘Experience’ section.
  2. Click ‘Edit’: Find the position you want to update, and click the ‘pencil/edit’ icon.
  3. Change the Title: Replace your old title with the new one.
  4. Refrain from Over-embellishment: It’s essential to represent your new title accurately. Avoid adding unnecessary flairs or terms that weren’t part of the official promotion.
  5. Review and Save: Double-check to ensure the title is spelled correctly and reflects your actual position, then save your changes.


Promotions are significant milestones in a professional journey. They signify growth, recognition, and the trust a company places in an individual. Such milestones deserve to be shared and celebrated. By understanding how to show a promotion on LinkedIn effectively, you ensure that your network remains informed about your career progression, opening doors for further opportunities and growth. Remember, your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of your professional persona. Keep it updated, accurate, and representative of your achievements.

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