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How to Set Up a Viable Smart Security System


Let’s start out with a simple but powerful statistic, “out of all different types of crimes recorded in the United States home evasion or break-ins top the list.” It’s just as simple as that. In other words, we can say that you have less chance of being mugged on a dark street than being robbed while you are sleeping. I don’t mean to horrify you but this is the sad reality of life in the United States.

Makes you kind of paranoid, right? For most of us, our homes represent the most secure and safe place in the entire world. And the very thought of someone violating the sanctity of our nests sends jitters down the spine.

But luckily you are not completely helpless. Modern technology has gifted us with state-of-the-art smart home security systems which can effectively help you sleep safely at night.

And it’s not just a placebo. Surveys of convicted robbers have shown that an astonishing 80 percent of robbers check houses for home security systems before breaking in. And a whopping 60 percent of them choose not to break into houses with security systems installed.

Simple solution, right? Well, not exactly. Choosing the right home security system can be an overwhelming task. With so many different vendors offering such a vast variety of technologies, picking the right one requires a fair amount of research. Because when it comes to home security, you cannot afford to go wrong.

And this is the exact problem this write-up aims to address. So, here is an ordered list of steps you can take to protect your home and the people residing in them from harm. Now, let’s delve in.


First thing first, while setting up any home security system you must ensure that your house has undisrupted access to fast-paced broadband internet. Because smart security devices of all stripes depend on internet access to perform their jobs. If your internet goes down so will your security system, so make sure it does not.

If you live in urban dwellings make sure that you have an advanced fiber-based internet connection and if you live in rural areas upgrade to advanced satellite-based options like HughesNet Internet. Because connecting your system to slug-paced DSL connections will destroy the efficacy of your home security system no matter how much money you spend on it.


A security hub is basically an ecosystem of smart devices that you can use to effectively monitor and control your home security setup. There are at least three essentials to a good home security system.


Smart speakers are essential because they let you control every smart security device in your home with voice commands. So that you do not have to manually go around turning on each device. Because when setting up home security you have to ensure that the system frustrates your would-be robbers and not your family members.

There are several smart speaker options in the market available to users. The right one obviously depends on your usage needs.

From established brands like Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple to lesser-known brands like Wink Hub and Home Assistant each smart speaker line comes with its own unique pros and cons.

While the Apple Home kit is undoubtedly more secure, it is both expensive and compatible with fewer devices. Google’s Nest and Amazon’s Alexa belong in the medium price ranges and are convenient to use. Lesser known brands are obviously cheaper but do sometimes end up comprising privacy and security.

But remember, these speakers are sort of like your smart control centers so make the choice carefully.


Display devices and smart speakers both perform almost the exact same tasks. The only difference is the nature of the input and output. While the former relies on voice commands the latter is more visual.

The exact same companies i.e. Amazon, Google, Apple, Samsung, and others mentioned above offer smart display devices. So, just buy the display device from the vendor who you choose to buy the speakers from.

In my opinion, the speakers are more convenient to use, but the final choice should be based on your personal preference. Obviously, the speakers will not provide you with a live feed from your security cams but there are cheaper alternatives to display devices when it comes to viewing security cam footage.


There are several apps available on app stores of all stripes that help convert your phone into a smart security hub. From viewing live feeds from your security cameras to helping you control your thermostat; these apps will convert your smartphone into a mobile security station.

In short, you will remain in complete control of your home even when your miles away from it. Moreover, these apps offer a much cheaper alternative to expensive smart display devices which you cannot even carry with you.


Now that we covered all the necessary prerequisites let’s move on to a discussion about the devices that are actually going to perform the security function. And even though there are dozens of security devices that you can set up, depending on your budget, here are three which are absolutely essential to keeping your place secure.


This one is a no-brainer, right? Identify all the important vantage points in your home and direct security cameras at each one. The choice of camera is important though. Sure, you can choose to go with traditional options because they are cheaper. But these older devices rarely offer foolproof security.

Instead, you should try our smart security cameras which are security hubs in themselves. Modern smart cams not only capture video but also detect motion, through the spotlight on burglars and even image-track them. And some of them even come with built-in security alarms.

So, even though a smart camera is expensive it will help you save money on a host of other devices.


35 percent of all break-ins happen through the front door. So, I want to assert and re-assert the importance of doorbell cams. Sure, these are older devices but they are still essential. And most modern doorbell cams offer smart features and integrate with your overall camera systems, increasing their efficacy.


Robbers do not like being in the spotlight, so put them under one. Place motion-detecting lights around your house so there are no dark spaces for the robber to take advantage of. And try to use solar-powered lights so that these lamps do not eat into your energy bills.


If you follow these simple steps I assure you that no robber would dare try to break into your house and even if they do, they’ll probably end up behind bars.

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