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How to Root LG Motion 4G without Computer

Rooting phone without computer is a challenging job. Learn how to root LG motion 4G without computer in the article detailed below.

Giving the administrative control to the users for running any device using the Android OS is called rooting. Why is rooting essential? This is to ensure that the limitations on the user can be taken off. In the smartphones, uninstalling the factory settings that come with the phone is not possible. Some specialized apps cannot be run, and some personalized activities cannot be carried out. When using the ordinary android system, all these cannot be expected to be performed using the smartphone. Users look to manage various functionalities with the smartphones that use Android OS.

Rooting Software for LG Motion 4G:

You can do all the activities which cannot be done as listed above when you use the LG rooting software. The great advantage in using this software is that, it is available online. You need no permission to make use of this software for rooting. Using GAIO you can install a customs ROM and Kernels in the smartphone you use. You need to unlock the bootloader if you want to have ultimate access to your smartphone. LG Motion 4G is the best way to stay away from problems like the factory restrictions and stock applications.

How to Root LG Motion 4G without Computer
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Advantages of Rooting:

When you go for rooting, the android device can be given the parental control. You can uninstall all the apps you make no use of. The performance of the device is enhanced, and the speed of Operating System is also improved. You do not need to ask for permission from the manufacturer. Moreover, the battery backup too can be improved.  The baseband possibility and visual experience are augmented.


The steps instructed here are specific to the rooting of LG Motion 4G. You should not try the same for other devices. When you try this, you can end up with the loss of data and even serious damage to the device. Also, ensure that you have a backup for all the necessary data. You might lose data during the process, so the backup is essential.


Disable antivirus, firewall, and other programs before you install LG Motion 4G as well. Completely charge the device or the battery should be at least 80%. Create a backup of data you require like SMS, image and another file to prevent the loss of data. Install the USB drivers of LG Motion 4G. When using the USB port to connect the device and system, ensure that the USB port is of good working condition, and is of good quality. You need to enable the debugging mode before you install the LG Motion 4G. To enable it, follow these steps-

  • Go to settings
  • Choose applications
  • Select development
  • You will find the option called Enable USB Debugging, and you need to check this option.

Before installing the LG Motion 4G, you need to install the latest versions of Java SDK and Android SDK.

Instructions for Rooting LG Motion 4G:

Here is a step by step instructions for rooting LG Motion 4G-

Step 1

Download the 4shared app on the LG Motion 4G.

Step 2

After installing this app open it.

Step 3

In the search box type Z4 root and search.

Step 4

Of all the versions found in the results, you need to download the apk for Z4root ZTE Blade.

Step 5

Now install the app in LG Motion 4G.

Step 6

Open the app after installation and look for Temporary Root and Permanent Root.

Step 7

Choose the desired option, and the rooting is complete.

Now your LG Motion 4G is rooted, and you can enjoy the apps you want!

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