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How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

Reverting a video on Snapchat can be quite tricky, but don’t you worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll show you step by step how to reverse a video on Snapchat, so get ready to make some memories that you can view in reverse. Let’s get started!


Reversing a video on Snapchat can be a great way to capture an original or unique moment in an unexpected and eye-catching way. It’s simple to do, so let’s get started! First, you need to open the video that you’d like to reverse and make sure that it is superior quality. If it isn’t, then it might not look as good in a reverse format. Once you have your high-quality video, tap the “Edit & Send” option at the bottom of your screen. Then select the “Reverse” button located in the top right corner of your screen. You will see the option for both normal and 3D reversing — select whichever one works for you! Once you have selected your choice, tap save and then press send. Your followers will not be able to resist your creative take on videos!

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What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app released by Snap Inc., which allows users to communicate with each other using video, images, and graphics. The application also allows users to share their location with friends and family, as well as access a wide variety of features in the Snapchat Discover section. It was first released in 2011 and has since become one of the most popular apps for communication and content sharing around the world. Reverse video on Snapchat is a very useful feature that allows users to playback videos in reverse order. This can be used for creative purposes or for quickly debugging video footage that has been recorded incorrectly.

What is Reversing a Video?

Reversing a video is a technique used to play a clip of footage backwards. This can be easily performed using editing software, and the result can add an impactful effect to any video project. Reversed footage can be used to create humorous moments, focus on elements that are normally hidden from view, or just add a unique twist to your work. Snapchat offers its users an easy way to reverse their own videos with the Reverse tool.

Benefits of Reversing Videos on Snapchat

Reversing videos on Snapchat can be a great way to show a different perspective, amplify an important moment, or add some excitement to your content. Reversing videos on Snapchat can open up opportunities to showcase parts of your story that would have been missed without it. Reversing the video allows you to draw attention to those special moments and make them stand out.

In addition, reversing videos can make certain moments more impactful by altering the sound and look of them. This can add extra emotion or even humor in certain pieces of content. Plus, reversing videos is easy to do with any recent version of Snapchat and requires no extra technology or equipment. With this feature, you are able to create versatile stories thatl engage your audience more than ever before!

How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat

Reversing a video on Snapchat can add life to any video story. Whether you’re trying to create a funny clip for your friends, or adding some creativity and flare to your snaps, Snapchat’s reverse video feature is one of the many ways this platform allows you to get creative with video content.

To reverse a video on Snapchat, simply open the editing menu by tapping on the scissors icon in the lower-right corner of the snap. Then tap the “Reverse” option and it will create a copy of your original snap that plays in reverse. This reversed version can be sent as an original snap or added to stories along with other clips and photos. Note that only videos will be reversed—not photos.

Once you have reversed your video, it can also be trimmed and edited in other ways within the editing menu (such as adjusting brightness/contrast/color, magnification effects, etc). You can also add captions, music, stickers and more as well. Reversing a Snapchat video can open up a world of possibilities for fun!

Tips for Reversing Videos on Snapchat

Reversing videos on Snapchat is a fun way to make your snaps stand out and get creative. Here are some tips to help make your experience successful:

  • Make sure to trim your video down to a clip no longer than 10 seconds. The reverse function can only be applied on clips that are shorter than 10 seconds.
  • When starting the process, always begin with the portion of the video that you want to reverse first, as beginning with a reversed section of video will cause the reverse filter not to work correctly.
  • For best results, try using clips that have relatively little movement in them. Videos with a high rate of movement (e.g., sports footage, car driving, etc.) may be distorted or otherwise appear strange when reversed.
  • Try experimenting with different speeds! By changing the speed of your reversed clip, you can create some fun and unique effects!
  • Have fun and get creative! Reversing videos on Snapchat is a great way to spice up your snaps and have some fun with friends!

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you’re having trouble reversing a video in Snapchat, you’re not alone. Reversing videos can be tricky, and there are a few common issues that Snapchat users come across when attempting to reverse their videos. Below are some tips on troubleshooting and how to fix these common issues.

The first issue is adjusting the playback speed. When reversing a video, Snapchat will automatically change the playback speed to match what it perceives as the normal speed of the video that you are reversing. This can cause your reversed video to look distorted or choppy. To avoid this, you can manually adjust the playback speed of your reversed clip before you save it by tapping on the clock icon.

Another issue is switching between forward and reverse mode during recording. If while recording your video with Snapchat, you accidentally switch back and forth between forward and reverse mode, it will not make a usable reversed clip if done too quickly or too often because it will be close to impossible for Snapchat to accurately guess which parts of the video were originally recorded in reverse mode. To avoid this issue, make sure that only one setting (forward or reverse) is activated during recording at any one time.

Finally, some users will experience complications when adding effects within their clips prior to reversal. Snapchat does allow users to add filters and special effects (such as slow motion) prior to reversing a clip but effects applied prior to reversal may not always display correctly once succeeded as reversed form due to inconsistencies in video formats when applying certain effects backwards from their original order of application. Because of this unpredictability we recommend avoiding adding special effects while your footage is in its original order before beginning your reversal process


To wrap up, reversing a video on Snapchat is actually quite simple. All you have to do is go to the editing tools, select Reverse, and you’re good to go! You can also add additional effects such as filters and text that can be customized for an even more creative look. Just remember to double check how your video playback looks before sending it off – you don’t want viewers getting confused because the video appears backwards. With that said, happy Snapping!

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