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How to Reset Android Password

It becomes pretty hectic when we forget the password of any Android device. So, Learn how to reset or unlock android password if forgot.

Android has not only given us a smart edge to the telecommunication services, but it has also opened doors to numerous amazing apps. We can now see weather reports, news, access social networking sites with our phone, access the Google play market with just a touch or swipe of our fingertips.

Android has also given its users, apps like Chromium, the Chrome browser for mobile users and Firefox for mobile. However, sometimes because of our erroneous actions, we fail to access our Smartphones you must have faced this problem more than once in the past. This problem surfaces mostly when we forget our Android tablet screen lock password. Without the password to unlock the screen, despite so many services right at our fingertips, we become literally paralyzed.

However, this problem can be easily resolved by resetting the android password following some easy and simple steps. Today we take a look at a couple of these steps which will enable us to open the door to technological brilliance, yet again!

First Method:

If you have forgotten your Android screen lock password then after you have drawn five incorrect patterns, the phone will get locked and it will prompt you with a message to try again later. However, you will notice at the bottom of the phone screen, at the right side, there will be an option “Forgot Pattern”. Touch this option. You will be asked to enter your Google username and password that you used to sync your device. Enter your Google username and passwords in the fields provided and touch “Sign In”.

This action will enable you to reset your password for a screen lock by drawing a new pattern for your password. Now decide a new password pattern for yourself and keep it simple so that you remember it easily. Once you have decided on the pattern, draw this new pattern and touch “Confirm” on the bottom right of the screen. This action completes the resetting of Android password.

Reset Android Password

Second Method:

Another method of resetting the Android password is through your PC. In this case you have to log in to the web based Android marketplace (Google Play) through your personal computer. In the Web Market, browse for an application named “Screen Lock Bypass”. Download this app remotely to your registered compatible device and install some other application of your choice. The latter action will trigger the “Screen Lock Bypass” to run remotely and this will disable the screen lock.

An alternative to Screen Lock Bypass is SMS Bypass which works in a similar way and sidesteps your lock screen remotely. The application apk file is available for download at the link below;

When it comes to resetting password in Android tablet, just follow these simple steps:

  • Tap the “Web” application icon on the tablet screen and then tap the address bar and navigate to
  • Tap “Sign In” and then “Can’t access your account?”
  • Type your Gmail email address and tap “Submit”.
  • Type the characters shown in CAPTCHA image in the space provided and tap “Submit”.
  • Tap “Answer my security question” and in the space given, enter your answer to the security question.
  • Tap “Continue” and enter your new password in the space provided.
  • Tap “Reset” to reset your password.

Follow these simple steps and reset your Android password in minutes without any fuss!



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