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How To Remove Internet Download Manager From Registry

If you are facing problem in upgrading the internet download manager version due  to its residual files then learn here how to remove internet download manager from registry.

Internet Download Manager is the most popular and one of the best download managers available today. The program allows easy download of music and videos from almost all websites out there. But this download manager often creates trouble when the trial period expires. As when the trial period of Internet Download Manager gets over then even after un-installing it from the system some residual files remain in the registry keys of the computer. Due to this, installation of any other version of this manager gets interrupted and the only solution to this problem is to wipe out all the files from registry as well. So How To Remove Internet Download Manager From Registry? Let’s show you how.

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  1. Removing Internet Download Manager from the control panelThis is similar to removing any installed application and programs on your computer using the Control Panel.

Step 1–> Open the control panel.

Step 2–> Open the installed programs list (popularly known as Add or Remove Programs) and select Internet Download Manager from the list.

Step 3–> Once selected simply hit the Uninstall button and wait for the process to complete.


  1. Editing the registry

    This is where you clean-up the residual files from registry as well for the complete removal of Internet Download Manager from your computer.

Step 4–> Click on the Start button and select Run.

Step 5–> In the Run dialog box enter Regedit and hit enter button followed by pressing Yes on the confirmation window that appear.

Step 6–> Now you will have to select the computer by scrolling till the top of the list.

Step 7–> Now press the keys Ctrl + F together and an input text window will appear.

Step 8–> Now type “Internet Download Manager” in this text window and hit the Find button next to the window.

Step 9–> A list of all the files and folders associated with Internet Download Manager will appear now. Now simply select all of them and delete them to remove Internet Download Manager permanently.

Note: While dealing with the registry files make sure that you don’t tamper any other entry or key within the system registry associated with any program other than Internet Download Manager.
3.Finishing the operation

And you are almost done, just restart your PC now to finish this process. The next time your system will start it will start without any trace of Internet Download Manager files even in the system registry.

So this is all you need to do to get rid of IDM files even from the registry. Now you can install other versions of IDM without facing any installation conflict. The steps mentioned above are applicable to all the Windows version.

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