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How to Remove Card from Apple Pay

It’s tough trusting all your valuable information to a single form of payment. But with Apple Pay, you can keep your card information secure and make transactions quickly and easily! While Apple Pay is a great way to pay, it can be tricky figuring out how to remove the card from the account. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this blog post, you’ll learn all about how to remove a card from Apple Pay so that you can keep your details safe and secure.


Using Apple Pay is a convenient way to pay for things with just the tap of your compatible Apple device. If you no longer want to use or have an expired card stored on your Apple Pay, you can easily remove it. This guide will show you how to remove a card from Apple Pay, regardless of whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. First, we’ll cover the basic steps for all devices; then we’ll go into more detail about how to do this in each individual device’s settings.

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Overview of Apple Pay

Apple Pay makes it simple and secure to use your compatible Apple device to pay for transactions in stores, on the web and in apps. Apple Pay uses the same terms of service that you accept when you create your Apple ID. You can manage or delete information associated with your card at any time by simply removing it from Apple Pay.

When you add a card to Apple Pay, the actual card numbers are not stored on the device or on Apple servers. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is created and securely stored in the Secure Element of your device. Each transaction is authorized with a one-time unique dynamic security code.

With each new payment since then, you will touch ID or enter your passcode as an added layer of security before paying with Touch ID enabled devices like iPhone6/s and above, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9 inch, iPad Mini 3 and above as well as for payments via Apple Watch.

ApplePay cash which allows customers using compatible devices running iOS 11.2 or later to rapidly pay for goods or services within supported applications without entering their debit/credit card details each time by selecting “ApplyPay” as payment option in apps or websites without actually storing their information within the merchant’s website but through an encrypted system from bank to bank .

How to Set Up Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that is compatible with many Apple devices. Setting up Apple Pay and adding a card to the app can be done in just a few simple steps. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of iOS installed on your device and open Settings.
  2. Tap “Wallet & Apple Pay” and then “Add a credit or debit card” to set up your account.
  3. Use your device camera to capture a picture of your card, or manually enter the information associated with your card into the fields provided, including name, card number and security code).
  4. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, enter in billing address information and then tap “Next” when finished entering all of your details correctly.
  5. You may need to wait a few days before you can make any payments with this method – but when everything is ready, you should receive an email telling you that it’s now ready for use.
  6. When prompted, enter in your verification code that was sent either via email or SMS (depending on what method of verification was chosen during setup) – once this is entered correctly, then this confirms that everything has been set up properly! And you’re all good to go!
  7. To remove any existing cards from Apple Pay at any point in time, simply go into Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > tap on the card > tap Remove Card from Apple Pay and follow the appropriate prompts from there onwards!

Why You Might Want to Remove a Card from Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a great feature if you want to make fast and secure payments with your Apple device. But sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you have to remove a card from Apple Pay. There may be various reasons that you need to do this, such as if your card was lost or stolen or if you suspect someone has accessed it without your permission. Regardless of why, removing a card from Apple Pay is an easy process and can help protect your finances and information.

Whether you are looking to remove one of the default cards associated with your Apple device, or one that has been associated with a payment method like PayPal, it doesn’t matter—the process of removal is still the same. All you have to do is open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad (or open Apple Watch App on iPhone), select the card that needs to be removed, and then tap “remove” in the upper right corner. You’ll then be taken through the steps necessary for securely removing the card from your Apple device’s list of accepted payment methods.

It’s important to note that these steps will not cancel or deactivate any existing membership privileges associated with certain payment methods. To do this, it’s best to contact customer service for whichever type of payment method was being used (credit/debit cards usually work best). After doing so and securely removing a card from Apple Pay, it should no longer show up as an accepted payment method on any other devices associated with your iCloud login information—a great added security measure!

How to Remove a Card from Apple Pay

Removing a card from Apple Pay is easy and fast, but there are some things to know before you do it. First of all, when you delete a card from your ApplePay account, it does not delete the card from your actual wallet or bank account. It just means that when you use Apple Pay in the future, that particular card will not be available for transactions.

Before you begin removing the card from your ApplePay account, make sure to have updated information about the account connected to the card handy. You might need this information to verify the action of removing the card and safeguard against any fraudulent activity.

Now that you have all that ready, go ahead and follow these steps:

  1. Open Wallet App on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Click on the ‘+’ icon in the upper-right corner of your screen (or top is no ‘+’ icon appears).
  3. In this window find and then click on “Edit” next to Wallet & Apple Pay option
  4. Select your Card; scroll down until you find itunter or swipe left if using an iPad
  5. Tap on Remove Card option at bottom of screen
  6. Verify removal by entering information related with selected payment method, if asked
  7. Confirm all details entered are correct

When done correctly, a message will appear confirming that the Card was removed from ApplePay successfully .

Troubleshooting Tips for Removing a Card from Apple Pay

If you no longer want to use a card with Apple Pay, you can easily remove it from the Wallet app.

First, ensure that your device is signed in to your iCloud account and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wallet ap
  2. Tap on the card that you would like to delete
  3. Tap on “Remove Card” at the bottom of the screen
  4. Confirm that you want to delete your card

Once you have successfully deleted your card from Apple Pay, it will no longer be connected to any of your iOS devices or Mac computers and your payment information will not be stored in iCloud Keychain. Keep in mind that even after a card is removed from Apple Pay, you may be still charged for completed purchases made before removal. If this happens, contact your financial institution for more details about the charge. It’s also important to note that if you are using Apple Cash, deleting a linked payment card will automatically disable Apple Cash on all of your devices until a new debit or prepaid card is added—so make sure that you have another source of payment ready if needed.

Alternatives to Apple Pay

If you’re looking to remove your card from Apple Pay, there are a few different ways to do so. You can remove your card from the Wallet app, remove it directly on the device, or reach out to your bank for assistance.

Remove Your Card from the Wallet App:

When using an iPhone, open the wallet app and then select “Pay”. You will see a list of cards stored in Apple Pay and be able to delete any card by tapping on it and selecting “remove card” in the settings menu.

Remove Your Card Directly on Device:

The steps for removing a card depend on which type of device you are using. For most iPhones (5s and newer), hold down the home button while double-tapping with two fingers. Then slide up to go into the app switcher and press down lightly on any of your cards until you feel a vibration (this will take some practice). From there, press Cancel when prompted with a dialog box that appears at the bottom of your screen. When asked if you want to delete your payment information, tap Delete once more and this will complete removal of your card from Apple Pay.

Reach Out To Your Bank:

If you’re still having any issues removing your card, many banks offer their own individualized help lines for customers with questions about their banking services. Contacting them is an option as well if none of these solutions have worked for you!


In conclusion, removing a card from Apple Pay is a simple task that can be done in seconds. On your iOS device, open the Settings app and select “Wallet & Apple Pay”. From there, simply select the card you want to remove and then tap “Remove Card”. Removing a card from Mac is just as simple. In System Preferences, open the Wallet & Apple Pay settings and click “Remove Card” next to the desired card.

With these steps complete, your credit or debit card will be removed from all of your devices associated with your Apple ID. Just remember to have another payment method ready before you Remove the card so that you can continue making payments.

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