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Hard Drive Data Recovery Tips

In this article you will get to know how to recover deleted files. Here is the list of certain precautions that you need to follow to recover your lost data.

One of the worst things that can happen to your laptop or Desktop PC is Hard disk Crash. It puts your critical data at risk, takes a lot of time in recovery compared to any other OS level damage/virus issues and often leads you to buying a new hard disk, especially when it has been physically damaged.

We have earlier written about the basic hard drive recovery tips, which talks about early preventive measures and this time, we would talk about software based data recoverythat can help recover all your lost data, if things go out of your hands.

When you want all your lost data to get recovered using a data recovery software tool, there are certain precautions you need to take care of. Take a look at some of those precautions first.

1. It is advisable to create an image of the hard drive having bad sectors. It makes data recovery lot more easier and feasible.

2. Do not overwrite any data over the crashed/formatted hard drive. Deleted data from the hard disk can be retrieved only if hard drive is not overwritten with some other data. Hence, avoid using hard drive until you’ve recovered the data from it.

3. It is often presumed that if hard drive is physically damaged, the data can’t be recovered at all but it’s a half-truth. It depends on the extent of hard disk damage and there are definite chances that data can still be recovered from it.

4. Do not play with hard drive or any of its critical components such as connector pins as this might lead your hard drive to becoming permanently irrecoverable.

Keeping the above tips in mind, you can start recovering your data using a credible Data recovery tool. 

While testing a popular data recovery software, I tried recovering deleted files from a USB Flash drive, external hard drive and an internal hard drive. I am glad that i could recover every single deleted file from all data storage devices.

Hard Drive Data Recovery is generally perceived as a specialist job, something which can’t be executed by any common person but only by some skilled technician from an IT support company but automated data recovery softwares enables even non-technical people to address this complex issue.

And you don’t need to shell out money before you actually see if you can recover the data you lost or not. You just need to download a partition recovery trial software (for free, of course) and start using it right away. When you scan formatted/crashed hard drive using trial software and see your lost files, just upgrade your trial version to full version and get your data recovered in a couple of minutes. And I must mention here that support upto Windows 7 is there as well so there’s no need to worry as far as compatibility issues are concerned.

So now, if you come across any hard disk failure or loose your data accidentally in future, you know what you got to do !

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