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Facebook Addiction Disorder Statistics

Facebook addiction could be root cause of your health problems. Get Facebook addiction disorder statistics and ways to overcome this disorder.

Of late, are you logging into your Facebook account more often than not? If yes, better that you be cautious. Because Gerard from Michigan has met with a dangerous situation of his house being ransacked by robbers who took an undue advantage of Gerard’s Facebook addiction disorder.

It is indeed a sad story that Gerard was overwhelmingly indulged in online social networking activities and he was having accounts with Facebook and Twitter. At the very beginning, he was occasionally visiting these websites with very few updates. Soon he started spending more time as his friends list started building up and there were more likes, shares and comments coming in for his updates. After few months gone by, Gerard started hanging around in Facebook for almost 12 hours a day.

He started giving the details about his movements during the day. Gerard’s over enthusiasm has somehow got the attention of online fraudsters and they were successful enough to hack into his Smartphone and confiscated the sensitive information like the secret code of the building security system of his apartment.

This is one small example of what could happen when you are overtly addicted with online social networking. Now a day, many people are wondering as to how to reduce their tenacious attitude to login to social networking accounts. This article tries to help such people to overcome their addiction disorder of social networking.

Facebook Addiction

Tips to overcome Facebook addiction

  • Firstly your willingness and determination to tackle the disorder is what matters most. So, decide for yourself that you won’t give away during the process of de-addiction.
  • Take the help of your family and friends by talking to them.
  • Try to say hello to the loved ones over phone or email and wish them direction on special occasions.
  • Change the email alert settings of Facebook updates and reduce it to the barest minimum.
  • Download only those Facebook apps that are useful to you.
  • Do not spend too much of time on playing games on Facebook.
  • Keep reviewing the friends list and do not hesitate to prune it by purging the contacts that are noisy and hyperactive. Such people can detour your from the main course.
  • As a step forward to reduce the addiction levels, do not install Facebook app on your smart phone. Have a limited access from desktop or laptop.
  • Do not upload every photo you click. Share the images only when it is needed.
  • Have a qualitative analysis of your Facebook usage and limit the participation for those events that add value to your life and profession.
  • During the breakouts, take a walk from your system than jumping into Facebook.
  • If you want to be really serious then you can declare a weekly holiday to Facebook browsing. Spend the entire day in doing useful things like reading a story for kids or taking a long walk with parents.

As you can understand that none of the above are tough to implement but are very simple to follow.

Wishing you all the best!

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