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How to Make Windows 8 Boot in Desktop Mode

In this article we will tell you how to make windows 8 boot in desktop mode. Here’s the procedure.

There are techniques to make Windows 8 boot directly in Desktop mode without having to go through Start screen. This can be accomplished without using any 3rd party tool with help of in-built feature within your OS called scheduled task which can run logs. If you are using Windows 8 with Beta/Preview version you might be already aware about this option which allows you directly boot in Desktop mode without passing through login screen.

You might be aware a Show Desktop icon that is present in Quick Launch bar of previous Windows releases. The shortcut is a text with .SCF extension with 5 lines of code and last line having Command=ToggleDesktop. Earlier 3rd party tools like Stardock’s Start 8 Utility were used for booting Windows 8 directly in Desktop mode and to bypass start screen. With help of scheduled task and explorer.exe, it is possible to boot Windows 8 in Desktop mode.

How to Make Windows 8 Boot in Desktop ModeIn order to start with, you require Task Scheduler tool which you can open by pressing Windows Key and typing Task Schedule and choosing settings to open the Task Scheduler application. After selecting the Task Schedule, go to Actions panel and use Create Task command to create a new Task. Go to General Tab in the dialog box and assign a name to Task and choose Windows 8 option from Configure for Drop down window. Choose the Triggers tab for accessing that page as shown and press new button from page bottom.

A New Trigger dialog box appears and choose the ”At log on” option which means the task is scheduled to run immediately when user logs in and it will automatically get refreshed. Any user potion will be enabled by default at settings panel and you can return to Actions tab where default setting is Start a program. You can use C:Windowsexplorer.exe from program menu or use browse button for searching the Explorer.Exe location and then Click Ok. In the settings menu ensure Trigger is enabled and choose “Any User” in settings area. You should uncheck all other settings and Click Ok. In the Conditions Tab uncheck the box which says “Start task only if computer is on AC power” if you are running Windows 8 in your Laptop.

Now you can test the functionality by restarting your system and seeing whether the trick works properly. In previous version of Windows, Log off option used to reside in start screen while in Windows 8 its present in Start Screen and renamed as Sign Out. When you are start Screen right click user picture and you can find the Power Charm with Restart and Sign out Command. When you Restart Windows 8, you will immediately notice Desktop along with File Explorer and there won’t be Start Screen. The reason is because when File Explorer opens, the operating system is doing some background operations.

You can also make Windows 8 boot to Desktop mode with help of third party tools. A free tool was developed by German Programmer which makes use of license system in Windows 8 which forces the OS to boot from start menu. You can download the tool from the website

Installing this tool can turn your machine to “Non Activated” state and hence you need to activate your copy of Windows 8 again. This application is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit version of Windows 8 and all you need to do is download the archive file and install the exe.

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