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How to Make Files Unsearchable

We always want to make important files to be hidden. But the files can be found using Search tools. This article will help you how to make files unsearchable.

Are you worried about keeping some confidential files on your PC? This should not be a challenge for you if you know how to make files and folders unsearchable from your computer. There are numerous ways by which you can keep your confidential files in certain locations on your computer without any trace or notification. No one except you will be able to search those files. If you want to learn the details of these procedures, going through this guide will make lots of sense to you. Go through them, and choose the option you find most effective.

Make files unsearchable by the usage of recycler

Recycler is known to be a secret folder which unfailingly remains hidden in your computer. It is always unsearchable and the location of this folder is within the drives in your computer except for the windows installation directory which is usually the C Drive. To keep some files in your computer as unsearchable ones, you must choose the recycler installation folder which will serve this purpose the best. You will have to type the location of recycler in the address bar. For instance, if it is in the D drive, type “d:recycler” without the quotes as demonstrated here. Browse into the mentioned folder and keep all your confidential files in that folder. Just exit out of the open windows and no one will be able to look up your files any longer. Next time if you want to reach your files, the only way is to type the exact folder location in the address bar which is known only to you.

A more reliable way to make files unsearchablewindows search

The method to make files unsearchable as mentioned previously is undoubtedly full proof and tested by many users. However, if you have any confusion about the reliability of the previous method, then you must move in this way. This is a much more reliable procedure to make your files unsearchable. The first step in this process is to create a folder anywhere in the computer system. Keep all your confidential files in that folder. Next you will have to access the attributes section of the particular folder and make it hidden. The best way to make the folder unsearchable is through the command prompt. The command that you ought to execute in the command prompt to make the folder unsearchable and hidden is “attrib +s +h”. After opening the window of the command prompt screen, just type the command followed by the folder path and hit the enter key. This will make the folder containing the files unsearchable from your computer. In future, if you again wish to change the attribute, you will have to re-open the command prompt screen and type “attrib -s -h” and finally press enter. This will unhide the folder and make it visible to all users accessing the system.

Both the procedures mentioned over here are capable of making your files unsearchable from your computer. You can choose either of the two, select the one which suits you the most. Implement it to store all your confidential documents on your computer without any hassle.



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