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How to Italicize on iPhone: A Definitive Guide

One of the things many iPhone users enjoy is the vast array of text customization options. Whether for emphasis or aesthetics, knowing how to italicize on iPhone can be a game-changer. This article will delve deep into various methods, ensuring you always have a way to italicize your text when needed.

How to Italicize Text on iPhone

Starting with the basics, let’s understand how to italicize text on iPhone using the in-built features:

  1. Italicize in Messaging Apps:
    • Open the app where you wish to send an italicized message.
    • Type your text.
    • Highlight the portion of the text you wish to italicize.
    • Tap the “BIU” option from the context menu that appears.
    • From the list, select “Italic.”
    • Your selected text will now be italicized.
  2. Italicize in Emails:
    • Composing an email gives more formatting options.
    • Follow the same method as above, but instead of the “BIU” option, you might see a formatting icon, which, when clicked, will offer various text customization options, including italicizing.

Now that you’ve grasped how to italicize text on iPhone let’s explore the iPhone’s font settings.

Where are iPhone Font Settings

Understanding how to italicize on iPhone often requires a deeper dive into the font settings of the device:

  1. Settings App:
    • Open the Settings app.
    • Scroll down and tap on “Display & Brightness.”
    • Here, you’ll find the “Text Size” and “Bold Text” options. While these won’t allow you to italicize, they give you control over font size and weight.
  2. Third-Party Apps:
    • Many apps have their in-built font settings. For instance, email apps or word processing apps on the iPhone typically offer more advanced font customization options.
    • Within these apps, you can often find a toolbar at the top or bottom, granting you access to various text formatting tools.

Can You Customize Texts on iPhone?

Beyond understanding how to italicize on iPhone, many users are curious about other text customization options:

  1. Bold, Underline, and Italics:
    • As previously mentioned, the “BIU” option in many apps will allow you to make text bold, italicize it, or underline it.
  2. Text Size and Weight:
    • You can adjust the text size through the Display & Brightness settings.
    • The “Bold Text” toggle will make all the system font bolder, which can be helpful for those who prefer thicker font aesthetics or have visual difficulties.
  3. Fonts:
    • With the introduction of iOS 13 and later, Apple has allowed the use of custom fonts. You can download these fonts from the App Store and then access them in compatible apps, enhancing the customization options.

Type in Italics in Notes

The Notes app on the iPhone is frequently used, and knowing how to italicize on iPhone within this app can be handy:

  1. Writing Your Note:
    • Open the Notes app and begin your note.
    • Type out the text you wish to italicize.
  2. Text Customization:
    • Highlight the portion you want to change.
    • Tap the “+” icon or the “Aa” icon, which will display a menu of formatting options.
    • From this list, choose the italic option to italicize your selected text.

Through these steps, you can effortlessly understand how to italicize on iPhone, especially within the Notes app.

How to Italicize on iPhone Using a Text Generator

An alternative method on how to italicize on iPhone involves using online text generators:

  1. Choose an Online Text Generator:
    • Numerous free online text generators allow you to input standard text and receive italicized versions. Some popular options include “YayText” and “Italic Text Generator.”
  2. Input Your Text:
    • Once you choose a generator, input your desired text into the platform.
  3. Copy and Paste:
    • The generator will produce an italicized version of your text. Simply copy this text and paste it wherever needed on your iPhone.

It’s worth noting that this method creates text using Unicode characters, making it appear italicized. It should be compatible with most platforms, but there might be exceptions.


The iPhone is a powerful device, offering a myriad of text customization options. This guide on how to italicize on iPhone showcases the various methods you can employ, from using built-in settings to leveraging third-party tools. Whether you’re trying to emphasize a word in a note or send a stylized message, the iPhone provides the tools you need. As always, explore, experiment, and find the methods that work best for you. Happy italicizing!

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