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How to Hide a Folder Using CMD in Windows 8

When it comes to hiding a folder we always think of using a software. But we can hide the folder with the use of CMD only.

Computer’s hard disk can be divided into drives like C:, D:, E: and so on. These drives are the places where the users store their files under different folders. By default, these drives are accessible to anyone who uses the computer. In other words, not only the owner of the machine but everyone else too can access the folders and files.

At present no operating system allows the users to lock or hide the drives as the drives are the primary directories that must be kept for public access. Hence they have provided tools that could be used to lock specific folders and/or files.

Why to hide folders/files?

There could be many individual necessities and obligations that force the computer owners/users to lock down some of the folders or files. They would need the hiding to protect some of the important files from children who can accidentally erase them due to ignorance.

On the other hand, business executives, who usually would be carrying sensitive information of their organizations, might need the hiding/locking feature to have protection against data pilferage.

People who are involved in the investigatiHide a Folder Using Cmdon or litigation activities have got the necessity to maintain high levels of secrecy. Likewise many reasons can be attributed by different people who have a need for hiding/locking folders or files.

How to hide a folder in Windows 8?

If you are a user of Windows 8, you can hide a folder with the help of command prompt (Cmd). Following are the steps that could help you in hiding a folder:

  • Start your Windows 8 system.
  • Key in ‘Cmd’ in search box.
  • This opens up the command prompt dialog box.
  • Type the following command to reach to the drive and folder destinations:

                             ‘calcs <folder name>/p everyone:n’

  • After typing the above command, press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Now try to access the folder and it should not allow you to open.
  • If you are able to open the folder, check the steps followed were in order.

Here you must be kept in mind that once a folder is locked, it cannot be opened by you too. To gain access to the folder, you must unlock the same.



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