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How to Generate XML Using Informatica

In this article we will tell you how to generate XML using informatica. Here’s the complete discussion about it:

Information is one of the major pillars for building anything. In general it plays pivotal role in any form of business. Information appears in various formats it can be either in data or in documents.  Most of the organization faces a common problem of storing data as because with the expansion of organization structure and business the volume of data also expands which becomes the most difficult task to store in various places. For which every organization are always in search of proper data storing platform.

Need of xml file

XML is one of such platform for sharing and storing of data. It is a sort of platform which can be interpreted simultaneously by various computer software and applications. Now-a-days most of the financial organizations and industries like Forex and banks and brokerage houses use this software for the proper storing of their data and its acts prominently as data exchange. This is the most promising platform for any concern to store data files securely. Therefore most of the integration projects are recently generate and transfer their formats in the XML form.

Steps to generate xml fileHow to Generate XML File in Informatica

Now the big question that crops up is how to generate xml file in informatica? Are you bit worry about getting answer of this question? If so then no need to worry anymore, it is the easiest way to generate or import xml files. In order to generate xml file the first thing that you should do is that click on the import option displaying in XML Source and select XML source or XSD file in order to import XML source. Then you will get option to select any case. Select any one either Entity Relationships or Hierarchy Relationships. Then click on the finish option and your XML source will be generated. Now you have to validate your XML file which you can do by providing a sample XML file and you have to do this validation in order to proceed further. Now another question that will arise in your mind that how you will decide which import options you will choose? There are several entities to choose like result, participant, lineup, property etc. Now if you want to store this separate data in various other databases or in individual loops then the best option for you will be to choose Entity Relationship mode.  If you are in a situation convert XML file into XML file validation then Hierarchy Relationship will be the best option to choose for you. In order to convert XML file to simply flat file, the entire procedure will recorded information which you are going to publish then the best option in front of you is to choose Normalized mode of operation.

As soon as you have completed reading the instruction provided over here about how to generate xml file in informatica, the task of generating xml file has become the easiest task to you. Follow the above mentioned steps one by one and store your necessary data in XML.



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