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How to Repair Corrupted Memory Card

In this article we will tell you how to repair corrupted memory card in PC. Here’s the complete procedure about it.

You are not possibly the only one reading this with a corrupt memory card.Infact majority of users crib and complaint about the usability of a corrupt memory card.It can happen with a brand new memory card or a card which has reached its end of life.There could be more than one culprit to corrupt your invaluable memory card .But most commonly this happens when you are shifting data from the removable device to another location and the power drops or the card is removed abruptly.There are few common ways which would help in solving a corrupt device. However, it is not something very easy!

Let us analyze and give solution to some of the most common errors faced with a corrupt memory card;

Memory card is able to read but unable to access

  • With the help of a reader or adapter you can connect your memory card to the computer.
  • Next you will have to check the appropriate drive path of the device. You will also have to ensure that the memory card is available on the explorer window. This will ensure that the file system is not corrupt.
  • Now you should go to the command prompt with elevated access. Once on command prompt enter the following command-“chkdsk x:/r” but be sure not to use the quotes which have been mentioned over here. The alphabet x –describes the drive, so you should mention the “drive letter” which you need to format.

Memory card is showing an invalid system file-How to Format corrupted Memory Card

Simplest and the easiest way of solving the memory card problem where the card is showcasing an invalid system file are-

  • You can connect your data card to your system via the card reader/ the adapter of the PC
  • You will have to place the files of media into the file explorer option and then you will have to right click for formatting it.
  • You will have to assign the “FAT” file system to the memory card.Also leave the allocation of the size of the unit and uncheck the option to “Quick format’.
  • You will have to click to format and after which you will be able to access the device in a working state.

PC is unable to read the Memory Card-

You will have to download the software from a reliable source online or the manufacturer’s website from which you have purchased your device. Ensure you are downloading only the latest version and keep the software up- to-date. The latest cards which are available in the market are of the SDHC reader and the updated drivers should be installed on the PC. In case you have followed the above mentioned steps and if still it’s not working then you should implement the below mentioned steps-

  • Connect your memory card to the PC with the help of the Memory card reader or the adapter.
  •  Then go to the “Device Manager” which could be accessed via control Panel or by using shortcut devmgmt.msc from the “run” window. And then search for the option where the device is being highlighted with the yellow exclamation mark. You can choose to update the driver for the selected device or uninstall the driver and restart the system. Upon which it gets installed automatically since memory cards are plug ’n’ play devices.
  • In case you are unable to uninstall it then ensure to restart the system. Alternatively, you can also right click and then click on the “scan for hardware changes”, after the uninstallation is complete. In case you are still unable to see the device then you should go through the “View” tab and click on the “hidden files”. Here you will be able to see more defective devices. Click for reinstalling them and restart the system.



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