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How to Disable Windows 8 Narrator

This article will help you in disabling the narrator of Windows 8. Step-by-step guide to disable windows 8 narrator is given below.

The Windows 8 operating system is amply powered with some unique features which enable various accessibility options effectively. However, some of these features might turn out to be really aggravating sometimes, especially when you have no use of them, for instance, The Narrator. If you didn’t already know, the Narrator extends support to users (mostly elderly) who are suffering some imparities like impairments with dexterity, loss of hearing, and vision etc. Narrator is one of the unique built-in features which can read the text louder than usual. Narrator in windows 8 includes settings like General, Navigation, voice, commands, minimize and exit. However, if you are not a Narrator user, all this wouldn’t make much sense to you and the Narrator might actually turn out to be an agonizing affair. So how can you disable the Windows 8 Narrator?

Steps for disabling the Windows 8 narrator-

Narrator settings can be set according to the user’s requirement via the narrator settings window. Whereas for disabling the windows 8 narrator, you will have to follow the following steps-

Windows 8 narrator

  • You will have to select the option of Control Panel, which can be accessed via Start->Control Panel-> (which is visible on the second column).
  • When you have opened the control panel, you will have to search for the Ease of Access option. And then click on the same. This will take you to its window which would be displaying two options- “Ease of Access centre” and “speech recognition”. In the ease of Access Center-you are provided with the option of optimizing the visual display, replacing the sounds with the visual clues etc.  While in the “Speech recognition option” you are provided with the option of “start speed recognition”, “set up a microphone”.
  • Next step will be to click and uncheck boxes for turning on the narrator and then setting the description of the audio which is under the option of hear description and text for reading loud.
  • The path for the whole setting will be as under-Control panel->Ease of Access->Ease of Access Centre->Make the computer easier to see. And after making the changes ensure to click on the apply option which is available below the bottom of the window screen.
  • After making the changes you can click on the save button. Then as all the changes are made- you need to restart the system. When you have restarted the computer, narrator should be disabled.

Apart from the above method you can also follow the below mentioned steps for the disabling Narrator on windows 8-

  • Open C:Windows system 32
  • Within System32 you will be able to see a window named narrator.exe along with bunch of other files. Right click the .exe and go to the security and then on the option advanced.
  • In the Advanced setting you will be able to see the Owner name as “System” labeled with an option “change” – here you can change the owner to “yourself”. When done click on the option ok and do accept the option of warring when you press ok.
  • Now when you are back to the properties options, you will need to click on the option edit. When you reach edit, you will have to add yourself in the group or the Windows username. And then you can explicitly restrict the access of execute and read options for the narrator.exe.When you click ok you will be shown some warning, just click on ok and move further.
  • After the final changes, please change the owner name back to “Systems”. And then click on the ok button which will save the changes done by you.



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